Be sure to make a special breakfast to start the school year off right. Make an elaborate feast, maybe waffles with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, or eggs benedict – anything but the usual scrambled eggs and toast. Let your kids select the menu and do the grocery shopping together to prepare this special meal. Wake up early and set the table with your best dishes, turn on background music and really make this meal special. Do the same to celebrate the last day of school. Prepare a unique desert like German chocolate cake, strawberry cheesecake or something special to be repeated year after year. When you serve your children this ceremonial dessert, present them with a small gift. (This is a great time to introduce or contribute to a collection that your child may have, or want to start). This gift is not a reward for their performance, but a mark of accomplishment.


Organize a neighborhood breakfast bash on the first day of school. Bring doughnuts, bagels, hot chocolate, juice and milk for the young students and their parents to enjoy as they wait for the bus. This is a perfect way for your children to get to know their classmates, and a great opportunity for you to meet their parents. This photo moment can be collaged into your “Back to School” book.
(Since we home school, we haven’t been able to enjoy the Bus Stop Bash tradition, but memories of my own time at the bus stop are still strong.)

Bus Stop Wishes or Car Pool Wishes
Make bus-stop time fun! Ask each person to share morning wishes for himself and others in the car or at the bus stop. Watch how this simple tradition strengthens friendships and helps children be in tune to the important things in their friends’ lives.

School Years Album

School Years Book – organizing their best work
All good parents struggle with how many of those school “keepsakes” and projects we should keep. Give each child a very special book where they can place their favorite work from the upcoming school year. Let each child know that this is his or her book and it will be safe place to keep all of their favorite drawings, writing projects, and even report cards. This simple idea will show your children how much you value their work and it will make a wonderful keepsake for years to come. AND, it will keep you from storing boxes and boxes of paper!

School Year Memories

I have lived with “mommy guilt” over not scrapbooking every school detail. I have started a “school” album where each year you capture a handful of the year’s memories, and put them in an album. Have 2-3 pages per year…that’s it!! Take all pressure off. The first page could hold special photos, i.e. the first day of school, a photo with your best buddies, a picture of your school, and a square that captures a cherished thought like “When I grow up I want to be…”
Have the student’s teacher write a letter which can be the last page for the year.
When graduation comes, you will be ready to display your collected memories. You could even keep it a secret through the years, and give it as a graduation gift. What a blessing that will be. Remember, only a few pages a year, and then all mommy guilt is gone. 🙂