Imagine being unable to express your thoughts and feelings, or being a parent to a child who is unable to communicate their wants and needs. This problem is a reality for thousands of families affected by autism.

For many children with autism, therapeutic technology plays a vital role in developing communication skills. This week your support provides families of children with autism the tools, resources, and therapy to unlock a child’s voice, allowing them to communicate with their family for the first time.

Sevenly partners with one new charity every week and through this Monday, for every single item purchased, $7 will be donated to provide communication therapy to a child affected by autism.

UPDATED TO ADD: Sevenly just received a matching grant up to an additional $50K, so now your $21 purchase will donate $21 to Autism Speaks.

If you are so led, support these families with a purchase, and help provide tools to assist these children to live out loud.

Take a peek at all the amazing options available,and please help spread the word by sharing about this cause on your facebook or pinterest page.

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