In a garden, there is something magical about all the senses coming to life.
I passionately pursue avenues to exhilarate our family’s senses, and gardening surely does that.
I also experience a wide range of emotions during my daily outing in our fruit and veggie garden.

Oh, such happy emotions abound when I picked all this.
We are a cucumber family, and need lots of cukes to keep us content.

Just look at the beautiful bounty
(and note the totally unique, yellow bowl
that I picked up at a yard sale for $2…I think it’s a bowl, but I digress).

Now reality strikes….sheer BEDLAM

Do you see those chewed up leaves on my once glorious Rasberry bushes?
How can those Japanese Beetles have such a feast…in one day?
Yes, the background is bedlam…weeds everywhere,
but that is beside the point.:)

With a picture like this I fully realize the need for a better camera, but look closely.
Those beety little bug eyes are mocking me.
Five of those pesty things gathered together in a line that I promise
formed a little smile on the leaf….ugh….they were taunting me again and again.
Proverbs 31 emotions? Ummmm…oh, yes, choosing joy.
You guys better watch out…your days are numbered.