“Mom, I don’t have any clean socks, and I forgot to tell you that I need brownies for tomorrow!”
“Mom, there’s mud tracked onto the carpet.”
“Mom, driver’s ed starts tomorrow, but it’s during football. How can I be at both?”
“Seriously, Mom, there’s no good food in the house. Can you go grocery shopping?”
Ma, Mum, Mom, Mommy…ahhh…how can all those statements be made in less than twenty four hours?
Sometimes there are those days that cause my head to rotate in directions that I didn’t deem possible.
On any given day, women, by definition wear many hats, but moms? They wear hats, hoses, gloves, whistles, key chains, and aprons, all while using a hip to bounce the babe. On those days when all I feel like my only “title” is a nose blower, bootie wiper, meal maker and taxi cab driver, I remember the essence of who I am  as a mom. It’s more than just driving the car pool. It’s creating a generational pool.
I am a Life Changer, Legacy Leaver, Memory Maker and Heritage Builder.
Now those chaotically, busy days don’t seem quite so hectic anymore, do they?
Laugh along with me (or at me), as some of my girlfriends and I share a little about being a busy mom.

When I was asked to participate in this Bliss TV Episode about busy moms sponsored by Huggies giving away a year of free diapers, I thought…”Seriously? I had a child in some sort of diapers for LITERALLY FIFTEEN years and this is the first full year that no one…no one has worn them? And NOW all these great coupons come along?” Yes…FIFTEEN YEARS years of diapers and for two of those years, I had four children in diapers. Those memories never go away and I have SO many funny diaper stories that I have never shared on this blog, but could be funny to add to my bedlam moments section. 🙂
If you are a  Mom, Grandmother, Auntie or a Big Sister, you will be excited about this giveaway! Huggies partnered with us on this fabulous giveaway!

Huggies® Enjoy The Ride Daily Diaper Giveaway.

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Do you have an active mover of your own? Share your story and enter to win a $100 Giftcard

We want to hear your stories and tips to survive the crazy busy days we all have had. Do you have a funny story or a helpful tip of what worked for you? Share it with the world. Here is how to enter:
1) Post the BlissTV episode and link back to this page
2) Tell your readers a funny story about life with your little mover or share a tip on how you make life easier!
3) Leave a comment at Blissfully Domestic and paste in the URL of your post!
The winner will be drawn on Monday June 14th, 2010.