This is my sis-in-laws cabinet.
My brother and sis that have ten children…all their own, and all within 14 years.
Yes, it’s true- don’t you love it?
Below is something that needed help.
Oh yes it did, and we were there to rescue it.
Do to the late time, and the fact that my chandelier is vibrating above me from some unknown source I believe they refer to as children, I invite you to read the whole post in its entirety. The original post includes all the pictures, how we redid this so simply that even children can do it (and they did), and the answer to the most common of questions –
“Do they know what causes it?”

OH MY ….isn’t it gorgeous….
and it was so easy! Any single one of you could do this to your old hutch/cabinet with a few hours of time.

The full effect is fabulous. They have a really wonderful cottagey feel in their home. It’s SO cozy, and the walls are a soft green…which isn’t evident here.
I love when something so simple makes such a dramatic difference in a home!

Thanks so much for viewing my mini presentation…for the full length feature, click here.
Scroll near the bottom of the page for how we did the cabinet.
This post was done in my first month of blogging…I had so much to share, and did it in WAY too many words. I had yet to realize that bloggers break up topics into multiple posts…hee hee
I’m still working on that!