Our eight year old daughter just finished reading a story to me, and unlike our eldest child who polished off The Hobbit in second grade, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy in third, this sweet blessing is slowly plodding through her basic readers.

I mean, can you blame her when there are  EIGHT different ways to spell the LONG A sound alone?
Who came up with this anyhow?

Let’s think about it.
ey (they), ay(pay), ai (pail), a-e(cake), ei (as in veil), eigh (weight), ea(break)….you get the idea.

So when I read this on facebook, it hit home right about the time when I corrected the twentieth phonics rule, and I just had to chuckle.

This wonderful world sure would be boring if all of our children were created equal, so I guess that sentiment holds true for languages as well. 😉