Making Buckeyes with American Heritage Chocolate

Did you know that M&Ms were invented for WWII soldiers as the chocolate that wouldn’t melt in their hands? Or that Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV had their own personal chocolate makers? And that Thomas Jefferson predicted that chocolate would outstrip coffee as the most popular drink in America?

This past year I’ve had the privilege of diving into the history of one of our favorite things – Chocolate. By partnering with American Heritage chocolate, I’ve visited historical colonial sites, all of which give us a small glimpse into what history was like back during the colonial period, including how chocolate was served and it’s definitely not what you think.

In honor of some of my fascinating adventures, I’m giving away a prize pack this week that will peek your curiosity as well.  Baking with American Heritage Chocolate takes the blend of flavors to a whole new level and it’s one of my go-to items now for chocolate infused recipes. I’m excited that you can try it too.

American Heritage recipes

Chocolate’s sweet journey through time continues to capture our imagination with a new book “Great Moments In Chocolate History:With 20 Classic Recipes from Around the World.

 This book is packed with chocolate fun facts, gorgeous photos and reveals the untold story of the world’s favorite indulgence. Featuring delicious chocolate recipes made with AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate (, this entertaining romp through chocolate history is the perfect gift for chocoholics everywhere.

American Heritage Chocolate and amazing recipes
American Heritage Chocolate Giveway and recipes

The winner will also receive American Heritage® Chocolate block and drink (don’t think hot cocoa. This is pure chocolate in liquid form and you can bake with it too.)

AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate is included to showcase a historically accurate drinking chocolate that was customary in the colonial era in America. AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate is an authentic line of chocolate products based on an ingredient list from the 1750’s. It’s used to bring chocolate’s sweet history to life for visitors to historic and cultural institutions throughout North America. At historical sites around the US, you can receive a chocolate history demonstration –  treated to a multi-sensorial retelling of
chocolate’s “bean to beverage” story. Guests complete their experience with a sample of an authentic drinking chocolate and are able to purchase for future enjoyment.

This will be perfect for your Christmas baking.

One of you fortunate readers will have the chance to win an American Heritage Chocolate Pack.

Enter to Win: You have five chances to win, but only one entry is necessary.

1) What’s your favorite Chocolate Dessert?

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