I remember the first time I saw our eldest son’s feet. They were perfect. Every line and detail were just precious, but the thing I loved most was the smell. Is it odd that there’s something about the smell of baby’s feet that makes me want to just grab and sniff them?
I look at the picture above, and there’s such a sense of family in that photo, isn’t there? So how is it possible that those precious baby feet grow to smell so bad? Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you what our van smells like on the way home from football. It’s certainly not sugar, and spice, and everything nice. Where did the time go that four out of five of my sweet babies are now tweens and teens, and this is a constant issue?
In my recent interview about all things tweens  – hormones, body odor in children, and self confidence, , Rosiland Wiseman, nationally acclaimed author, asked when I first remembered smell as an issue with my children.
I’ll never forget the night. There are just those moments that permanently jump to the forefront of the memory. This was one.  Our oldest, then a tween, came in my room, raised up his bare arm, and said, “This is the smell of a man.”  He then wanted us to all inhale deeply. That is when I knew life would never be the same. 🙂
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