One of my most favorite things in the whole world are “thrifty finds,” so when Rhoda at Southern Hospitality announced a Yard Sale party, I was all over it (a day late…oops).
She said to pick your favorite thrifty find.
Considering that thrifty finds pretty much define who I am, I realized that would be completely impossible. Almost every single thing that I own is a thrifty find – household, clothing, toys, furniture, dishes…the list goes on and if I didn’t tell you that, you would never know.
I am not even going to touch the subject of clothing because I have promised a Designer Wardrobe in under $100, and that will be a fun one. I hope to take all the pics this week. Come back for it…I used to do workshops about building a “core” wardrobe and I will walk you through your most important “finds.”
Since Rhoda is a “furniture buff, ” I will stick to a few pieces of fun furniture.
Below is a great yard sale chair that I have hopes of changing up a bit. The fabric is in fabulous shape, so it’s been pushed to low priority.
The lines and detail are beautiful – the cushion sits on a woven base. That alone is gorgeous…oops…a little dust came through with the flash.
Cost? $15!!!
Right next to it sits another unbelievable find. An antique sewing table for only $10. It folds out and could be used as a buffet.
This isn’t how I have it decorated but am showing you a couple items I picked up last week and have busy painting. I never knew that nasty brass candles could look so great with a bit of spray paint. I have gone round and round with decorating the top of this. I am trying out this metal thing. I typically have flowers with candles sticks, but have also had a framed wedding picture with some knick knacks surrounding it. Challenging considering it sits a bit low.
Again, the details are beautiful. Can you believe $10?
One of our big thrift finds and “investments” at a time when money was scarce was this American Drew china cabinet. This is in our kitchen with the matching double pedestal table right across from it (sorry, no picture…kids have crafts and dishes all over it.:)
The table sits 14 comfortably with the leaves in and has been the heart of many wonderful life long discussions and soul searching. After I saw how great my sis’s cabinet turned out in the previous post, I am really wanting to tackle this. The challenge is that it has a lots of detail and carvings down below, and makes me a bit nervous being such a novice. The handles are off, and ready to be picked out, but now I want to wait until I decide what color to go with.
It houses all my cherished collected teacups and teapots, many from around the world (minus the 2 plates on the bottom that my daughters did on their birthdays:)
Oh – the price on the china hutch and table with 6 chairs….$400. (The sweet owners took pity on us at a time when we had 4 little ones in 5 years and were so excited that more memories would be passed on at their table.:) The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it is a quality piece of furniture (just needs to be painted…oak is so out.:)
And since my ceilings are almost 10 feet, it gives me plenty of room to put other yard sale great finds on top of it.

Yes, it’s so obvious that this part of my kitchen needs to be painted anything but white.

And since my china hutch is overflowing with sweet teacups, I picked this cute thing up for $5. It’s a spot in our great room that isn’t the focal point, but it makes such a cute little accent area. I have two little plates that are going to be hung on each side of the mirror. I just changed the wall up a bit. Everything that you see….total $20 (yep, including the Chabby Chic mirror).
I love to have pretty dishes….
I love offering my guests and kids the choice of special teacups any time that they have beverages.
The hard thing is that these aren’t even my very favorite finds….everything that you see is within a 10 foot radius. I realized as I started taking pictures that I could go on and on. I guess I just need to get cleaning, dusting and painting and do a room by room tour.

This one is another of those WOW finds….I just need advise on what to do for the top.
I got this for a mere $20….
it retails for hundreds and hundreds from a top furniture manufacturer.
The top needs help. I thought of fabric with a glass piece, painting it, refinishing it…ideas?
Look at the intricate detail with the carving. It’s beautiful, even though the flash makes it look cheesy.
I have so many more things to show, but I realize this is getting really long. I have quite the bedlam moment to share, but just want to know if I have some unconditional readers who will love me anyhow…it involves the crazy dog again…let me know if you’re ready for a “EEEWWW” moment.
It’s so funny and yet surreal, that at moments like this I ponder aloud, is this really my life?