There are no words to describe this amazing experience; the dichotomies are too numerous to journal. I am in a race against the clock since the electricity is going down again in ten minutes, and we just walked in the door.

One truth is beyond evident. Unconditional love is exponential. Even though I met my precious nephew only days ago, there is no difference. Time stands still. My heart overflows. He is an living example of grace.



We spent the day traveling around Quito, the capital, attempting to finalize paperwork.

Nestled in the Andes Mountains, Quito is a cement village. In the town center there are many large buildings, but the poverty seeps through every block, and there are been many tears because you feel so helpless. We realize our role this trip is to just “save one.”

We are flying tomorrow get Edison’s Visa at the US Embassy. It’s going to be a puddle jumper (death flashes before your eyes type of flight), so we covet your prayers. 🙂

Nothing has been easy about this process but we know this is the last hurdle.  Then we will fly back to Quito and fly home to the US on a red eye flight that leaves at midnight, arrives in Atlanta in the morning and then on to NC.