Mocha missed you!We arrived safe and sound in Orlando with only “minimal” moments of bedlam, but completely devoid of any beauty.
Apparently Bugles, Doritoes and large doses of Vault, mixed with cramped quarters and
gaseous air, do not equate to a contented stomach.
We happened to be the van trailing directly behind that discontented stomach and let me just say, his mother’s command of
“Quick, hang your head out the window” just doesn’t do the scenario justice.
Unfortunately, I woke to our van pulling over for clean up duty and I missed the first hand account of the sheer bedlam that I could have added to this post. No, it was not my child, but two of our kids were riding right in there with them. I do believe they gave some coaching expertise on their excellent “techniques.”
May I just add that my husband and I’s dating motto of
“Sleep is over rated” is such a lie.
Who were we kidding? I LOVE my sleep….crave it….need it.
My entire body feels like I just partied all night on cheep beer at a bad frat party and quite honestly….I have never even done that before, but I am imagining that this would definitely be the aftermath. So since I am regressing, can’t keep my eyes open, and my hubby has the card with all the great photos of my Christmas tradition posts, I am off to bed, hoping that my boys are all set for their big game tomorrow!! (Which I wouldn’t know since I am sleeping in relative silence, while my husband chaperons the bedlam.)