This specific deal may be over, but Discount Magazines still offer plenty of amazing deals every day. Check here to see what’s on sale today and if your favorites aren’t listed this week, check back because titles vary every week.

I’m in the mountains for our annual extended family visit and I have this post auto set to send you. I hope you’re enjoying some apple pie and the food coma feels right about now. The only thing that might make it better are some of your favorite magazines in hand by the fire. 🙂

This is DISCOUNT MAGAZINES annual Cyber Monday deals and I’ve purchased subscriptions from here for years. Nearly every magazine you could want it offered for pennies on the dollar. 

Last year, I forgot to renew at these prices and I regretted it because there’s something about having that hard copy in you hand rather than browsing online. At these prices, if you don’t read them all, I never feel guilty.

Taste of Home was the first magazine I got after we got married and I still LOVE it so I’m grabbing that for on $4.50/ year. That’s one coffee!!

HGTV is always chock full of great ideas and this year and I gave my hubby Family Handyman for some inspiration. haha. Our son has enjoyed Golf Digest, and a few of the mens’ health choices. I won’t bore you by listing them all, but I have five subscriptions teed up for purchase. 🙂

Check out this list and order away. Starting at $3.00year, subscribe to all of your favorite magazines. Wired, Us W There’s still a great option for Cyber Monday where you can pick 3 for $12, 5 for $18 or 10 for $30. The choices are a bit different. This starts 12/1 at 11:00 pm and ends 12/04 at 4:00 am. 

The Cyber Monday has fabulous options as well. And if you are buying in bulk, that’s a steal. Check out all the options here.

Pro tip: Set reminder now in your calendar for next year so you can cancel if you only purchase one year.