If you’ve been friends with me for more than five minutes or have eaten at any restaurants with me, you know that French fries are my favorite food. Yes, my girlfriends know that I always order a salad and a side of fries. In fact, when they took me out for my birthday and I was a few minutes late, guess what they had waiting for me? A big ole basket of them.

I’m predictable like that.

As a single, working girl, my motto was “Fries before Guys.” My best friend and I routinely hit up our favorite places for a night out on the town, solely partaking of fries and ranch dip. Those memories are still some of my favorite (and don’t worry, we tipped well even thought our bill was so tiny.)

When I finally met Thee One, I decided my motto needed to change because this guy beat out all of my fries, yet my affinity for them still stands strong. I can’t tell you the number of people who text me funny pictures, shirts or slogans that have something to do with French fries. It’s weird that I’d rather eat fries than a $100 steak, isn’t it? I know, but it is what it is. The heart wants what the heart wants.

So when kids came along, all five of them, it was a guarantee that they’d like them as much as their momma because in utero, I trained them well.

Even our dogs can’t get enough.


As our busy fall schedule hits and cousins who live next door are in and out of the house, I always have quick and easy snack ideas on hand. For years, some of our favorites have been McCain Smiles and 5 Minute Fries.

With the fall weather creating the best in porch weather, fries outside watching the leaves fall is the family bonding at its finest.

As a mom, the 5 Minute Fries have always been my favorite because I can pick them up at the local grocery store (bought mine at Harris Teeter) and they’re in and out of the oven in five minutes. Our thirteen year old has loved the Smiles for years because they’re “just so cute,” but it took my seventeen year old daughter talking me into trying the Sweet Potato Fries. She’s all about the naturally good, real sweet potatoes that they use. The girls all have our favorites, so our three boys break the tie (and always side with me.) I load them up with cheese and bacon for restaurant quality loaded fries right in our own home. YUM!!

Head to McCain’s website to find recipes, promotions and even a fun recipe contest to enter.

How does your family celebrate the beginning of fall?

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of McCain Foods, Inc. My deep abiding love of fries and opinion on them are completely my own.