We are hosting two large groups of people this weekend, with virtually no notice, and the need for some 4th of July dessert ideas inspiration has hit in full force.

My teen age sons got home from their work camp on Sunday and announced that 150 teenagers were coming for a party on Thursday. Now, let me tell you, I knew that up to 50 were coming because it’s my son’s 16th birthday, but they decided to open it up to the entire youth group, so my planning has definitely changed.

I can’t begin to do one cake for that many, so I am trying to get creative with a few fun 4th of July dessert ideas where I can use box mixes and just embellish a few of the items for a festive element.

You all know how much I love decorating with cake plates, and all these great examples from Martha Stewart show how the plates and stands can be easily stacked to add such a great look for any party. Grab out those stands from the back of your cabinets and use them. Presentation adds SO much!

Sharing a simple red, white and blue element, goes a long way. We have raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, not I just need to buy some doughnut holes.

Using a typical white sheet cake and embellishing it into this 4th of July flag cake masterpiece (recipe there) is a hit for any party around this Independence Day holiday.

such festive fun with ice cream cones

All kids adore ice cream cones and they couldn’t be easier, so why not add a festive touch with sprinkles. Use a little frosting as the “glue” and sprinkle away. For good measure, put a few sprinkles in the bottom of the cone, not just for a fun surprise, but also to stop any drips on those hot summer days. 

Dressing up the table is as simple as adding flags to fruit and draping red and white streamers over a white bucket.  A fourth of July cake is always a favorite. (Directions found here.)

During the Christmas holidays, I love to make chocolate pretzels, they are so easy. How fun to add red, white and blue sprinkles for a simply festive delight. Task your kids with this creation and they can do the whole thing by themselves.

To make them, melt semisweet chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water, (or I’ve done it in the microwave). Stir occasionally until melted; remove from heat. Coat the upper third of each pretzel rod in chocolate with a pastry brush or dipping it in the bowl. Cover with sprinkles; stand pretzels upright in a glass. Place in the refrigerator until firm, about 5 minutes.

I sure hope some of these 4th of July holiday dessert ideas have sparked some creativity. Have fun and enjoy!

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(Reposted from a few years ago, but the ideas are still some faves.)