There are so many quick and easy ways to decorate for the 4th. I am always a week late getting my decorations up. So in typical fashion, I went and pulled things down from my attic today.
Yes real time, on evening of July 2nd, and I am posting them an hour later. That means it’s not too late to engage in the festive side of decorating. 🙂

All-American Basket Centerpiece

For many, it’s a necessity to pull things together quicklyAnd that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. I know many of us have one of these kitchen organizers. How simple and elegant.

Flower centerpiece

Since Patriotic decorations are not something that we typically keep up for long periods of time, USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Do you have white dishes and Christmas red napkins? Throw in a dash of blue and you can set a patriotic plus tone for the 4th.
I hit a yard sale earlier this season and she had decorated her kitchen in flag decor.
I bought 4 of these baskets to use for chips, napkins, ketchup bottles etc.
They were a quarter each.
She also had three of these hanging plaques for $0.50. In 20 seconds, I had an instant “window mistreatment.” I don’t typically decorate with a “country” feel, but it’s perfect for this week.
I’m still looking for my big flag afghan and the flag material that are hiding from me in our attic. I love to drape them across the sofas.
Followers of my blog know that I can not have enough candles. No one can. Outside on our deck, these star candles will be floating in a blue bowl to create cozy night time ambiance.

Yes, an entire box – all brand new….from a yard sale.
Candles are EVERYWHERE at yard sales.
WHY? Burn your candles, my friends.
They are are a frugal decorator’s best friend.

And if you are busy trying to get ready for your festivities, why not let the kids help with the decorating.
Most of us have some clear, flat marbles laying around. Let them have fun and create a masterpiece at the same time.

Pride Pins

Flat glass marbles serve as canvases for mini masterpieces. Using the colors of our flag, making pride pins as gifts is as easy as one-two-three!

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