31daysmore250 31 Days of Amazement

Last month, I shared that October would include 31 Days of Amazement as I partner with seven of my best blogging friends to share our passions on different topics.
I initially thought my 31 days would lean completely toward personal/family finance and frugal tips, but as I process what that little phrase means, it encompasses so much more.
The phrase “More with Less” represents multiple concepts to many people.

More Time, More Money, More House, More activities, more, more, more….our American culture denotes a society that is mesmerized with not just more stuff, but the right stuff, the right place, the right time. We have a huge case of “stuff-itis.” This month isn’t going to be about accumulating more, it’s going to be about engaging ourselves more with the every day: capturing those moments that you other wise might miss, but also understanding that our concept of money has a role in that process.
Over the next 31 Days, I invite you to embrace the process of living life to its fullest by daily carving out just ten minutes to make some intentional choices. We don’t want any regrets, do we? That sounds so…deep, but trust me, I can’t do deep for 31 days. (I’ve had enough thinking I could do this 30 Days of Healthy Living with the 30 Day Shred. :))
I assure you that we are going to have fun carving out a few creative moments to look at how we embrace the day to day right now. I may challenge you a few times, make you laugh at me a few times, and hopefully encourage you a few times, but in the process, we’ll begin to cultivate a sense of newness and purpose.
Why am I doing it? Because our family needs this reminder as well. With five children, the culture and busyness have robbed us of some things I am fighting to get back, but it’s rough.
I want to walk right along side you as we become more intentional…together – 31 Days to More with less.
P.S. Don’t miss my sweet friends below. If you can’t remember their topics, refresh that memory at my first post –  31 Days of Amazement.
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