Over the last few Octobers, I’ve participated with some of my sweet friends in tackling one theme for an entire month.

My first year, I embraced 31 Days of More with Less, while last year, I tackled 31 Days to Balancing Beauty and the Budget.

This year, I’m so excited about sharing 31 Days of Good “enough” Things.

Honestly, between Pinterest ( follow me here) and my continual mesmerization (creating a new word here) with picture perfect home ideas from around the blogosphere, I am exhausted. One second, I’m inspired, but then with a click of the button, I struggle with the desperation that I am always one step behind.

My desire throughout the month is to encourage all of you with Good things, practical things, beautiful things. Things that will make you want to laugh or take note or pin for future reference,  but not perfect things; Good “Enough” Things because it’s about embracing both the beauty and bedlam of every day life.

Join me for a month of inspiration, of beauty, of practical tips and moments where we gather together and celebrate the fact that “Good Enough” is completely inspiring.

When Martha Stewart claims, “It’s a Good Thing,” I declare, “It’s a Good ‘enough’ Thing.”

Yes, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s original mission – One woman, in passionate pursuit of trying to balance it all – the good, the bad and everything in between welcomes every single one of us.

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