30 Day Shred(Jen wondering if this is really worth feeling this horrible)

Day Two of the 30 Day Shred is over, and I was actually looking forward to starting the work out. I was sore before it began, but my arms finally stopped quivering from Day One, so I thought I was ready to go. That was until that evil woman Jillian had me do the first push up and then I literally started laughing out loud at myself. I could barely push my body up off the ground due to the soreness in my arms. I don’t know how I finished those, but I did.

While holding the five pound weights, I thought I would be able to do the first weight circuit with five pounds instead of the 2 1/2 pound “weights” that I used yesterday. I was wrong. I lifted them twice and quickly ran to the pantry for refuge. No, not food silly, the  2 1/2 pound Salsa jars, of course. 🙂

Ladies…this is where we need to dig deep and keep going. It would have been so easy for me to stop, but I didn’t, and neither did my daughter. I know you can do it as well, and I am SO proud of you for giving your body the kick it needs.

Tips for today:

  1. Watch what Jillian says about the knees. If your knees are hurting in any way, listen to her directions to avoid that. The first day mine were sore, and I realized I was leaning in and having my thighs over my knees which leads to soreness.
  2. Keep drinking that water. Water, water, water…
  3. Listen to your body. The great thing is that after I am finished, I feel a little sick. The benefit of that? I have no desire to dive into the doughnuts. I’m trying to listen to hunger, and not “cravings.”
  4. Read the comments from yesterday’s Day 1 post. There is a whole community of us in this together. If you think you can’t do another day, realize you are not alone in feeling like you are going to keel over 😉 There are more friends that only commented on my Facebook page which I am updating daily.