30 day shredI had the privilege of dining at both Food Network’s stars Bobby Flay and Todd English’s restaurants within twenty four hours. The whole time I thought of all the shredding I had done, and the additional shredding I would have to do to make up for the scrumptious meals that I was enjoying. Well, it was worth it. That chance comes along once in a life. As I arrived back in the hotel room at 11:00pm this evening, every excuse in the world came to mind as to why it was Ok that I missed my shred today.

But guess what? I DID IT ANYHOW, and I can’t believe I did!

I kept thinking of how I would excuse the fact that I broke a promise after only five days, so I stuck the DVD in the laptop and away I went. I know that if I stop, it will be hard to start again. I just know myself, and I really am not enjoying this challenge one bit, but no discipline is pleasant at the time. The wonderful thing is that my muscles feel better after I exercise now. My quads still scream at me, but slowly I am getting there.

How about you? Are you doing OK? Keep at it. The novelty is starting to wear off, but it’s wearing off for all of us, so this is when true discipline needs to kick it up a notch.  Stay with me. I can’t wait to see your before and after pictures in just 25 more days. 🙂