We all know that camping is definitely a mixture of beauty and bedlam.

I am the “Queen of Forced Bonding.”

Being in youth ministry for so many years, during the days when I could still do a back bend, and shoot Kix out of my nose, just enabled me to have a knack for forcing people to get to know each other.
Don’t worry, as an adult I hate my kind of people too. 🙂
(how do I put a real smiley face on here?)
Anyhow, camping is the ultimate in forced bonding….I love it….(mostly, except for the don’t get any sleep, have the hugest bug bites known to man, and I have issues with trying to go to the bathroom if I think others can hear factor, but besides that)
….it’s the ultimate in creating family bonding and special memories, and I am all over that…!
So imagine when my sis in law from Colorado sent us this picture of their camping site.
My nephew picked Wheeler Lake, CO – 12,166 feet to go camping for his bday…
I can’t even count that high!

In the second picture, it is
hard to see, but there is a lake in the foreground, in front of the
She shared no bedlam moments, but I know if it was us camping, we would have surely broken down with no cell coverage, had no one around for another 15,000 feet, had a leaking tent, and bears would have eaten all of our food.
So just pretend it was us camping…makes the story better.
Have a fabulous Friday, you amazing blogging friends!
Isn’t God amazing to display such majesty? WOWZA!