November 23, 2017

Frugal Fashionista: Zebras, Stripes & Dots, Oh My


A few weeks ago, I took many of you along with me on my Goodwill treasure hunting trip via facebook and instagram. I shared this photo of my J Crew jacket and polka dotted shirt.

Since stripes and polka dots are everywhere this spring, I couldn’t wait to incorporate this fun trend into my wardrobe, but I am limited in what to grab. I am on the hunt for pattern, and since that Goodwill run above, I’ve found a few extra pieces like this thrifted stripe shirt shown below for only $3.75. (Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of it.)

Over and over, you all assure me that you can NOT find the treasures I do. While I am the first to understand that all thrift stores are not created equal, in between the duds, are hidden gems.

Since I am looking for stripes and polka dots pieces, my thrift store runs are quick. I pop in, scan the racks quickly (possibly detour to the furniture and home goods) and then am out again in ten minutes. Typically, I always follow my Must Do’s when browsing for thrifted clothes. While this is an old post, the points always hold true for me, except when searching for patterns.)

Last season, I found a zebra print dress at a yard sale for only a buck. The cut of the dress is a bit dated, but paired with my new coral jacket, I knew it would be perfectly fun. Taking something conservative in style, like a jacket, and layering it over a bold print is such a fun way to add a bit of drama and give it a nontraditional touch.

(PS). Remember my weight loss post? I’ve lost ten pounds since this picture was taken. YAY! Finally!

It’s still a bit too chilly for heels, and I didn’t have the perfect boots for the outfit, but these work.

Shop your closet and try new things. It was fun to be able to bring this zebra dress to life when I thought it might be a dollar wasted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Three weekends ago, I went to the beach with some girlfriend, and of course, we hit the Tanger Outlet mall. When I mentioned I was popping into Rue 21, some chuckled politely at me, “Isn’t that store just for teenagers?”

Well, look who’s laughing now? I hit the mother load of all jewelry clearances with each piece marked down to $2. Oh yes, ladies, you can bet that I snagged the majority of it.

When they saw what I purchased, they exclaimed the need to rush that section, but alas, it may or may not have been cleared out already. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I have a lot of nieces to buy for, you know.)

I always encourage investing in accessories, but if you get them for $2, who needs to invest, just buy them all. (Read my 5 Tips to Saving Big at Outlet Malls.)

Since my mind is on pattern, I snagged an old yard sale shirt and $3 jacket find from my closet and paired them with yes, another pair of $2 earrings (insert giddy emotion.)

This is another Frugal Fashionista outfit for under $15.

With all the clothing pieces and shoes thrifted, paired with a steal on the earrings, it rings up at around $10 – an outfit for every budget.

I’m onto a pattern party and can’t wait to style up something a little less conservative. ๐Ÿ™‚

Should we jump onto the spring fashion trend wagon and pair subtle stripes with dots next time?


  1. CUTE! Nice pairings. Love the jewels!


  2. April Thraen says:

    Love me some good thrifty finds to add to the wardrobe. I love all your looks and you make it look so easy. Rock on, Thrifty Friends!!


  3. LaPaula Fyffe says:

    Hi there, great job. I am like you, I get 90% of the things I buy at thrift stores and garage sales. You hit the nail on the head when you said that the key to finding the good things is to check frequently. My friends love to hear about all of the great things I find but say they can never find anything. I tell them that they have to check often. My Goodwill is so organized, I can slip in and out in just a few minuites depending on what I am looking for. It always makes me happy when I can get 6 shirts for the price of one in a regular store. Love it!!!


  4. Kim Roberts says:

    Very cute steals you got there.. I rarely find anything cute or very nice at the 2 thrift stores in my area, but I dont shop there often either.. One used to be horrible but the last time or two I was in there, I found some really cute stuff.. I found a Coldwater Creek crocheted jacket and got it for under $5. I would have admired it in their store but would have walked away without it.. I was thrilled.


  5. Today I decided to mix polka dots & stripes…but in a subtle way! I have on a polka dot cami (white & navy), a navy long sleeve tee & an infinity scarf (white & navy stripes). This way it isn’t overwhelming! I have a problem is over matching, so this is a huge step for me!


    Jen Reply:

    Oh Lynn, I bet it’s super CUTE!!!


  6. I love your outfits! Super cute & stylish. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Great outfits!!! Beautiful!!! Is that your new front porch you are standing on???


  8. LOVE the blouse and green jacket! Jen, you rock. And you know it. And you are a beautiful daughter of God who lives for Him and Him alone. YOU ROCK HIM! It shows…you are loved, friend. -Ann


  9. I love how you put outfits together, and I always look forward to these segments!!


  10. You can tell you lost weight in the first pics and last pic. : ) Way to go! What a difference just 10 pounds make!

    Would you believe I found a real genuine black leather hobo Coach purse in mint condition at my thrift store for $4.99? One of the Goodwills has a blog and post online on how to spot fake Coach purses and everything on mine checks out. Plus, it definitely feels like a Coach because of the heaviness and the quality inside and out. It’s only missing the outside leather hang tag on the chain! But I don’t really care about that anyway. I overheard the cashier tell a customer that the warehouse has been making pricing mistakes and they are trying to catch mistakes at register. I got lucky because my cashier didn’t even notice my purse was a Coach. Score! Yay! I finally own a Coach purse!


  11. Love LOVE that green jacket! Great finds…so excited yard sale season is just around the corner ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. Your really pretty.


  13. I began buying yard sale clothing years back when my x left me with two small children. I had 15 dollars per month after bills were paid. I was kind of embarrassed to let anyone know that I was going to a yard sale to search for clothing. But now I shop flea markets, consignment sales and yard sales along with goodwill.
    My daughter has a unique taste and I buy her things there. Where ever she goes she gets tons of compliments on her outfits. I think my Inlaws think I spend tons on clothing. But I don’t spend more than 3$ or 4$ on anything. ( except for bras-new)
    You have made it fashionable for women to feel good about buying used clothing. The way you add up the prices next to the outfit makes it clear just how frugal one can dress. You pull this off so classy!! I adore your taste in earrings too


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