November 23, 2017

Valentine’s Day Traditions – My Secret Valentine


I’ve often shared that the fondest childhood memories stem from family traditions that were lovingly repeated throughout the years.

Family traditions have family at the center of a celebration spending time together and creating lasting memories. If you don’t already have  family Valentine’s Day tradition, why not start one this year.

It could be the beginning of many wonderful years of memories with your family. Remember, traditions don’t have to be expensive. I can’t stress that enough. The main idea is to spent time together with the family. I have many inexpensive ways you can start a Valentine’s Day family tradition in your home.

Don’t get overwhelmed and attempt them all. Just pick one, be purposeful and enjoy the shared legacy you are leaving.

Browse my Valentine’s Day traditions category, and celebrate loving kindness all month long.

My Secret Valentine

On the first day of February each person in the family draws one Heart Locket out of a hat that has the name of another family member written on the inside. For the next two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, everyone does something nice each day for their Secret Valentine, without revealing who they are. When that person is in the shower, the bed gets made. When they are off to a friend’s house, one of their chores gets done. While they are busy studying, a sweet note with a treat is slipped under their pillow.

On Valentine’s Day everyone writes down three words that describe what they love about their Secret Valentine, along with their own name on the inside. They also place a photo of that person on the inside of the “Heart Locket” where the name used to be. Then display these lockets on the Love Cake and unveil your Secret Valentines at a special dinner. This is a wonderful way to teach your family that “things” aren’t the only gifts you can give. Afterwards, you can glue the hearts onto a Valentine’s Day card or scrapbook as a keepsake everyone will enjoy looking at next Valentine’s Day.


  1. of all the Valentine’s ideas i’ve seen, this is tops.
    anything to create unity and the fruits of the spirit in the home is a good thing
    us moms just have to be clever and this idea is wise.


  2. I LOVE this idea! Thanks for passing it along. I’m looking forward to reading more…..


  3. I love this idea! What a fun way to celebrate valentines day as a family! This is being filed away for future use. 🙂


  4. just as the others have said- I just love this! What an inspiring idea;) Imightjusttryit! LA


  5. I love doing RAOK’s and this is much the same! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful tradition.


  6. I love this idea and your blog. We started this last night and we shall see how it goes. I think it is a wonderful idea.


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