November 24, 2017

Join Me Live On the Porch (Periscope)


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As technology continues to emerge and I spend time online with varying forms of social media for my blog, I often scream “STOP. NO MORE!!!”

As you can tell, I’ve stepped back from posting as much on my blog. After my Becoming conference is finished next week, I am sure I will step it back up, but it’s almost as if I’ve been allergic to my computer. I guess that’s code for burnout. I just want to hang out with you all in real life and chat about all the things I’d normally write about since I haven’t wanted to write. That’s why Periscope, the new live streaming app bought by twitter is about to become my new favorite thing.

While I vowed I wouldn’t add one more app to my phone, I caved this past weekend when some of my (in)courage friends talked me into giving Periscope a try. It’s a free app, so it may enjoy finding a few people to follow.

Yep, I’m going to love it because it’s interactive live video streaming. I can turn on my video and chat with you right from my phone. If you happen to be on at the same time, you can ask questions that show up on the screen, make comments and tap the screen to give hearts. You can actually tap the screen even when it’s not live and it’s very beneficial for the person doing the video (or so they tell me.)

It was tricky to try and figure out how to hold the camera, flip the screen, talk off the top of my head and then respond to the couple comments. (I was live at 5:00 pm which was not an ideal time, but a huge rain storm hit right when I was planning on beginning, so I waited until the storm went through. I will get better at it with a little experience and I’m very excited to just chat unedited about a variety of topics.  We can go thrifting together, figure out some 10 Minute Dinners and talk about all things parenting. I’ll even make sure and stream some videos next week during my conference so those who wish they could attend, but can’t, can get a little feel for it.

Download periscope for free and then find me : Jen Schmidt @beautyandbedlam. If you don’t put apps on our phone, Click here to view the video from my time on the porch.

This video will disappear in 24 hours so the key to periscope is watching them right away. Just remember, I’m learning and the technology is a bit tricky to figure out. I had to start and stop the video since my country wifi wasn’t working well (and I say “fun” way too much.) If you view it on your phone, tap the screen a few times in the corner and you’ll see the hearts float. Your kids will love doing that. 🙂

And if you want to see the before or my porch and read the real story rather than my rambling, read the porch that took 17 years to build here.

Hope you enjoy this fun, new technology.



  1. Son Bran says:

    This has nothing to do with any app, but I wanted to ask you if you knew of a site or you have any ideas for a family gathering where some are Christians some are not. Twelve of us from 10 to 70. I would love some ideas of stuff to do together in the few hours we will spend together next week. We already have a couple different games. Would love some conversation starters etc.
    Even a family craft. Any ideas? thank you


    Jen Reply:

    Here you go. I have conversation starters. We do these all the time at gatherings and it just makes for fun conversation that you wouldn’t normally have without them. You can blame the “forced bonding” on a friend. :)


  2. I seriously had serious burnout from blogging a few weeks before we went to our Washington, DC trip. I am just now honestly getting back into it again. I haven’t started on the Periscope for worries that I might burn out again. I can’t overload my system with all these new technology updates, ugh. There’s a time for everything, isn’t it?

    Anyways, nice meeting you on our DC blogger trip and I just wanted to stop by to say hi! 🙂


    Jen Reply:

    So great to meet you too, Jocelyn. I am there with you. I had burn out all summer and honestly, took a step back, reposted old posts etc. It’s hard to decide what to jump into. I didn’t do google plus or vine or a few others. Periscope is more my thing since I don’t have to worry about editing which is a huge reason I was burning out. all the editing – pictures, sentences, videos. haha


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