October 22, 2017

Creative Garland Decorating Ideas



There’s inspiration everywhere and I am a little bit behind in our holiday decorating due to our spontaneous football trip to Disney.

You all know how I love to incorporate frugal, fancy, creative decorating ideas, so what better treat then a combination of my own creative inspiration and that of a place where dreams come true – Disney.

Last year’s revelation that it’s so easy to take a bunch of cheap, discarded garlands, layer them, add various creative elements from around the house and create instant magic, was the best decorating inspiration of the year.

Taking that concept and mixing it with my love for “shopping the house” has given me so many creative outlets this year for all seasons, especially with hanging wreaths on door, and garlands around the home.

I have picked up inexpensive garlands and wreaths from Goodwill and yard sales this year knowing that I would have fun embellishing someone else’s trash and making it my own treasure.
Using various picks that I found for $1 created just the look I desired for under $3.

The same look that Disney creates with all the gorgeous garland can be done by any of us – design on a dime. Picking up ornaments last year at 90% off allowed me to experiment with all different looks.

Since I’m typing this post on my way back from our trip, I haven’t had the chance to get our two large trees up yet (one for the kids, one for me :), but I have enjoyed my themed trees.

Two years ago, it finally dawned on me to keep the trees decorated and just put them up “as is.”

How did it take me ten years to think of that? IT has saved me SO much time. I just place a garbage bag over them before placing them in the attic.

My angel tree began with ornaments that my mom presented to me in my hope chest at 16 years old, it’s one of my three small “themed” trees,.

A plethora of beautiful glass bowls can be found at thrift stores. I snatch them up throughout the year, knowing the easy frugal decorating that can be done for all seasons.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, metallic ornaments and beads replace the leaves and sticks in my thrift store finds. This is probably my most favorite part of decorating.

Simple, easy, and inexpensive…my kind of decorating.
 Decorating dilema solved... inexpensively
My children love their table decorated with a candy cane theme. I found everything on the table at a yard sale score last year.

If you are still trying to make a few new holiday additions, this is something you can do tomorrow….literally.

 Decorating dilema solved... inexpensively

Open up your cabinets and find that glass bowl stuck in the back corner. Fill it up and enjoy.

Tomorrow, I jump head first back into the reality of the Christmas season. It means making up for a lot of lost time.
I can’t wait to finish my decorating and show you it’s possible to design on a dime.

Let’s do it together.

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  1. You never disappoint!


  2. Wow, Jen! You are sure traveling a lot girl! How fun is that?
    What lovely inspiration, I’m sure you will get your house all ready in the nick of time!

    Christmas blessings,


  3. LOVE the garland! And I’m working on my collection of clear glass and things to go inside of it! I’ll admit, however, that I don’t usually buy the glass ornaments because I’m too scared of them shattering and leaving shards to be found by the sweet little feet I have running around! And just yesterday, my toddler pulled down a small tree, but it was unintentional and really scared him so I don’t think he’ll do it again! But the real glass is so pretty. I might have to reconsider and just put them HIGH up!


  4. I look forward to seeing everything you do at home. What a great Christmas you all will have, with lots of fun frugal finds and lots of COUSINS!

    Hope the trip to Florida was a good and special time. I so admire you for taking the whole gang on the trip. It would be easy to say, “Sorry, guys–our finances are a little too tight for an impromptu trip to Florida.” But you embraced the opportunity and made wonderful memories, I’m sure. Isn’t it a privilege to be investing in our kids’ lives?

    Have a great day!


  5. Your home is just beautiful. May many wonderful Christmas memories be made within its walls.

    Our home is having an old fashioned handmade Christmas this year. I hope you will stop by.


  6. It is absolutely beautiful! 😀 Love the candy cane theme!!

    Merry CHRISTmas!


  7. Awesome ideas!!! Inspiring as usual. Glad you got to come to the party & share!! Genius idea to not un-decorate the tree! I did that with my garland from last year and it really made it easy… just a little fluffing required. Blessings!!!


  8. Beautiful and very festive!


  9. Absolutely stunning decor.


  10. WOW!!!! Those garlands are amazing!!! I discovered last year that it might be a smart idea to put the little fake trees in the attic with the lights still on…a good move! 😉 Love that you did this on the cheap!


  11. Merry Christmas my friend! Love your garland finds! Now if I could pull that off, I would look like I knew what I was doing!


  12. We just got back from Disneyland and I have almost that same exact picture!


  13. I love the coordinating balls in the glass jars (definitely an inspiration…I just might have to check out the after Christmas sales so I can do it next year)! And your garland is gorgeous!!!


  14. I love the candy canes hanging off the glass on your children’s table. So simple and so cute.


  15. I have never seen a candy cane themed table but I love it!!

    Came over from Nester’s place. You can find my tour of my house here:


  16. So pretty! I really like the idea of gathering Christmas decor all year long.

    Thanks for showing us around. Come by and visit me anytime. Merry Christmas!


  17. I remember when you got all that great candy cane stuff! So fun! kelly


  18. Stopping by from Nesters!
    All I can say is WOW!!



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