November 20, 2017

Today’s Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show


Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress for less with designer outfits for mere pennies on the dollar. Yes, all outfits  from head to toe are less than $15, and did I mention…second hand?)

Welcome to our Frugal Fashionista “Fashion Show” Link Up. I’m excited to see some of the treasures you all have found.

This week, I decided to stretch my color palette a bit, and wake up my wardrobe with some bright and colorful patterns.  I tend to stick to solids with bold accessories, but I had a lot of fun stepping out a bit with this $3.75 top from Goodwill. I always look for unique accents around the sleeves and this one had just that.

If color or patterns make you nervous, don’t start quite as bold as I did. Begin with smaller prints or a brighter hue of color than you are used to, and go from there. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy this new trend.

When I purchased this thrifted jacket, I didn’t own any thing in deep purple and I knew it was a color I wanted to experiment with in my wardrobe.

Since the jacket itself could be dressed down for a more conservative look, which is not what I wanted, I decided to pair it with some fun, large purple earrings and a bold patterned shirt.

Pairing a simple jacket, with a bold shirt, allows me to lean a bit towards dressing out of my comfort zone.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed, and don’t think you can’t pull it off. Just give it a try. That’s one of the reasons I love second hand shopping so much. Buying things that you would never think of wearing before, now becomes a reality for only a few dollars.

I can’t wait to see what you all have to share.

Come link up and inspire us all. The link will be open for a few days, so you have time today to gather some outfits and share.

If you are linking up, I do have a  few guidelines to follow or your posts will be deleted.

  • Remember, I love awesome deals from the store, but at least one of your core wardrobe pieces must be second hand/thrifted in order to link up.
  • Please just link up one post and link directly to your Frugal Fashionista post, not your home page URL. This will let everyone find your FF post months from now.
  • Please mention our Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show and link back to in your post so that every one can join in on the frugal fun.


  1. Luv the outfits that you put together! Have a great weekend!


  2. Loving the blue and the purple/orange mix. Bold color suits you! My animal print GW shirt has the same ruffled sleeve as your blue. I like how girly it feels. LOVE the purple jacket. Funny, I was just told that apparently I’ve added more purple to my wardrobe with recent Goodwill purchases. It’s a fun color. Always, always love your fashion posts.


  3. Love the outfits…purple looks very nice on you! I don’t have any pictures to share, but this past weekend I purchased a beautiful salmon color tweed blazer (Talbots) an espresso color v neck cotton sweater (lands end canvas) and a pretty salmon color cotton blouse for spring with an interesting 3/4 sleeve :). I am always inspired by your posts and think your posts when I’m shopping at goodwill. I love checking out other bloggers finds too!


    Jen Reply:

    That sounds beautiful. YOu know Talbots will last forever. Such a quality brand.


  4. Love your ‘stepping out of the box’. I find that when I take the plunge and buy/wear something out of my box, that’s when I get the most compliments – you think I’d learn from that… 🙂


  5. I am much more willing to try something new when I’ve found that item while thrifting. If it doesn’t work out, no big deal, I only paid pennies for it.


  6. CarolSue Baird says:

    The blue shirt is so pretty and unique. I am now so inspired to add some color to my spring wardrobe. My wardrobe is so drab and plain. I really love the jacket, so cute.


  7. I loved ur outfits! Its amazing the good looks u can make with little money!


  8. I just openly admitted on my blog that I’m a Goodwill shopper, haha! I absolutely LOVE your frugal fashionista series and you’re part of the reason that I started shopping Goodwill. I didn’t plan to link to this party when I blogged this morning but then I realized I was wearing some of my Goodwill finds in the picture I posted so I just edited my content to include information on your linky party. I hope that’s okay. I’m wearing one of my absolute favorite Goodwill finds, it’s a London Fog trench coat I bought for $8. I just happened to be there when they wheeled the rack of new donations into the store and I snapped it up even though my 11-year-old daughter told me it made me look like Inspector Gadget. I told her I preferred to think that I looked like Audrey Hepburn, but she didn’t know who that was. Oh well!


    Jen Reply:

    Ha Ha Alicia – I am so glad that you have come out of the closet with me. 😉 Honestly, when I first started these Frugal FAshionista post nearly three years ago, NO ONE shared about their Goodwill shopping. Well, they shared trash to treasure finds, but never that they bought close there, so it’s been fun to hear people’s stories. 🙂

    And by the way, a cross between Inspector Gadget and Audrey Hepburn is THE BOMB!


  9. I love this top !
    my name is Sandy and im new and still trying to figure things out hear but I love your site and your tips thank you


  10. Danielle says:

    I love the outfit featured in this post! I have recently gotten into thrifting because I have to dress in business attire for work it can be expensive. Overall I am trying to be a better steward over my money.


  11. Stacey Hughes says:

    These posts are always my favorite! I love how you included the prices on the pictures. You certainly have an eye for bargains and style!!! 🙂


  12. Thanks for encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones – in my experience God will throw us out anyway! I’m sorry to have missed this FF Fashion show, but have been severely limiting my online time in the past few months. Anyway, glad so see SO many women linking up. I am working on getting my wardrobe down to just the things I really wear and love and not buying anything new for awhile, maybe a long while, do you know Katie from Making this home? I did add one pair of dressy capris b/c church with four little ones and me in a skirt it isn’t always easy!



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