July 26, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Food


Hilton HEad food


french fries


There’s just something about spending a weekend not having to cook, combined with the fellowship of dynamic women, that makes me really, really happy.

DSC_0360(thanks to Emily and her fantastic photographic skills)

I admit, every once in awhile having other people prepare the food is a true treat. A treat I could get too used to. :)

When was the last time that you had someone make food for you?

(P.S. Thank you for the AMAZING recommendations about the cookware brands you love. It was so interesting to read, and actually has me looking at some new brands.)

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I was hungry when I woke up, now I am starving, and all I have planned for breakfast is cereal. :(

    Wishing someone was making me breakfast this morning….

    Jens Reply:

    @The Happy Housewife, Oh yes, this made me chuckle this morning. I can just hear you saying it. I’d make breakfast for you this morning…come on over. And hello….I need an update but am rushing out the door in 30 seconds. :)

  2. Oh, my! Definitely licking the screen on this! It has been a while, since anyone made me food. Love to bless others with food like today going to make dinner for a family that just had their first child. :)

  3. What great food pictures! I found a new restaurant I could eat at on Saturday. We had lunch there with friends and I didn’t react afterwards. That’s a treat for me. Thanks for hosting.

    Jens Reply:

    @Linda, oh Linda…I SO take for granted being able to eat anywhere. So glad you found a little treat.

  4. What I wouldn’t give to not have to cook and eat a gorgeous array of food like that!! Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures!

  5. We had lunch on Saturday at a place called Sahara. Inexpensive, great hummus and pita. Yum!

  6. What lovely photos – the food looks delicious! I’m glad you had such a lovely time! I was cooked for on Sunday by the lovely chefs at The Gallery Restaurant at Fortnum and Mason in London. It was extra nice as I did not know I was being taken out to lunch! Thanks for hosting Tasty Tuesday!

  7. Everything looks so yummy, it’s making me hungry! Good thing I have some pumpkin muffins in the oven.

    Thanks for hosting today.


  8. I’m blessed with a hubby who loves to cook, so I get a break more often than many. :-) Glad you had a wonderful time, and thanks as always for hosting.

  9. You know what, it’s been quite a long time since someone else cooked for me … well, other than my daughter. :) It fills my heart when she cooks for us!

  10. We’ve had food brought over since baby arrived. Absolutely the single most helpful thing anyone can do!

  11. I bet you girls had a WONDERFUL time!!……..I’m hoping to have some wonderful food cooked for us later this week! {wink}

    Thanks for hosting Jen……this morning slipped away from me…..doing The Shred lol

  12. Beautiful pictures and very tasty looking food!

  13. I had people bringing me food after my surgery. It was such a blessing. The best part is my friends are all foodies, so the meals were awesome!! Now I’m blessed and spoiled.
    Thanks for hosting.

  14. It’s been way too long since someone has cooked for me! Beautiful food pics… thanks for hosting.

    ~e-Mom @ Susannah’s {Kitchen}

  15. My mother always tells me that food tastes so much better when someone else makes it!!!! I can totally relate! :)

  16. I looooove going over to one of my sister’s house for the exact same reason! It really is nice to be pampered that way sometimes, isn’t it? What a blessing : ) It sounds like you had a lovely time.

  17. I generally do all of the cooking, but my husband does the supper dishes when he is at home….dreamy guy! :)

  18. Hi J! Having someone do the cooking is divine for certain! Especially when the chef is a foodie! Glad you got to enjoy yourself! We are very excited to be renaming the two for tuesday recipe blog hop, Hearth n Soul Hop this week, so been very busy. My recipe this week is a lovely childhood memory that inspired me to make guanabana tropical ice cream. Enjoy and thanks for hosting tasty tuesdays! Alex@amoderatelife

  19. My husband cooked me dinner this weekend. He made “egg sandwiches” which is this concoction of eggs, cheese and ripped up pieces of ham all scrambled in a pot… And you know what? I was SOOOOOOO grateful! I didn’t care at all! It was SUCH a nice treat to have him cook me and the children dinner. He is such a rookie when it comes to cooking. Our choices are pretty much egg sandwiches, grilled cheese, cold cereal ( insert smile here ) and I think he can make spaghetti. I’ll HAPPILY take any of it! LOL

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