December 21, 2014

Best Kitchen Tips: Easily Remove Onion and Garlic Smell from Hands

Kitchen tip to remove onion and garlic smell from hands

One of my favorite smells is that of onions, garlic and butter sizzling away in the pan, but the stench the onions and garlic leaves on my hands from all the peeling and dicing is another matter. It’s that time […]

Grandma’s Best Kept Kitchen Secret: 10 Uses

bacon grease uses

Going out on a limb and stating this is “Grandma’s Best Kept Kitchen Secret” may be a bit of a reach, but I am certain that most home cooks will agree with me, whether they want to or not. Over […]

Jen’s Top Kitchen Tips (What Are Yours?)

ten minute dinners

Last night on the blog, I shared one of those simple little kitchen tips that revolutionized my meal making. I realized that with all my years of cooking, there are certain things that I do instinctively, and I just forget […]

How to Shred Chicken in Seconds (Jen’s Best Kitchen Tips)

How to Shred Chicken in Seconds

Every once in awhile there comes along a completely simple kitchen tip that revolutionizes the way one makes meals. For the past year, I think I have told all my friends about this tip, but I realized that I never […]

DIY Party Bar (Make Your Own Magic Bullet)

diy magic bullet with blender

Years ago, our grandmothers had creative re-purposing uses for everything. One of those brilliant tips has somehow been lost on my generation, and I feel it’s my duty to get you as excited about this as I am. The Magic […]

DIY Homemade Microwave Popcorn (Why Did We Wait?)

homemade popcorn

Our Stir Crazy Popcorn popper is a regular appliance on my counter top. We are a huge popcorn eating family. The yummy, homemade and oil kind of popcorn. The kind you just can’t get enough of, and people even ask […]

Kitchen Tip: Cooking Ground Beef in the Crock Pot

cooking ground beef in bulk

Crock Pot Taco Meat – a detailed post over at 10 Minute Dinners Too often that crazy dinner hours rolls around and the “What are we eating? cry echoes through the house. Well, one of the ways I’ve tackled and […]

Kitchen Tip: How to Make a Tortilla Bowl

how to make a tortilla bowl

Our family can’t get enough Mexican food,  so tortillas are a stock piled staple since I use them in so many recipes and Mexican freezer meals. I honestly don’t think our pantry has been without them in over two years. […]

Libby, Libby, Libby on the Label, Label, Label (starring my family)


(Have you ever gotten those laughing jags? When something hits you with the silly giggles? Yep, that happened to us…watch the bloopers. :)) When I was approached about sharing the new Libby jingle contest, I immediately started singing that iconic […]

The Organic Dirty Dozen vs. The Clean Fifteen

dirty dozen organic fruits veggies

mypapercrane As I shared my evolution of food last week (whole food, organic, junk and everything in between), it was extremely interesting to read all of your journeys as well. We are definitely meandering this “feeding our family” journey together. […]

My Evolution to Real Foods, Organic, Junk & in between

choosing organice products

(Edited to add: Don’t miss reading the comments. It’s so fascinating to hear everyone’s story.) Meandering the dicey waters of healthy eating is often a struggle for me. I think back on my early days of mothering and so distinctly […]

Can You Freeze Soda?

frozen coke cans explodes

Can you freeze soda? Ah…not in the can, you can’t. Nope, it will expand and explode all over your freezer and create quite the mess. Ask me how I know? Now can you freeze it in the 2-liter bottle? Yes, […]

Styling with a Food Stylist

food photography tips

Earlier in the week, we talked styling hair, but now we’re talking food styling. Having the privilege of visiting a few commercial test kitchens, I am more and more amazed at the art of food styling and food styling for […]

How Do I Fix This Kitchen Tool?

Kitchen Aid help

It’s no exaggeration that my Kitchen Aid mixer is one of my most beloved and recommended kitchen tools. No, I am not getting paid to say this. No, they are not sending me a free mixer to post this. This […]

Can I Freeze Cookie Dough?

Frozen chocolate-chip-cookie-dough

As our last week before Christmas rounds the bend, those last minute “What should I give”  brings about undo panic. I have your solution, and you’ve probably known the trick your whole life, but this takes it to a new […]