November 20, 2017

Printable Kids’ Bathroom Checklist – Hygiene Checklist for the Kids


With our children ranging in age from 8 – 18, one would assume that the inquisitions such as, “Are you ready? Did you brush your teeth? Do you have clean socks on today?” would never pass the lips of my […]

Dream Laundry Rooms vs. Cold, Harsh Reality


via Apartment Therapy There’s nothing better than freshly washed laundry. I reach my arms into the dryer and snuggle it to my chest. It’s warm and cozy to the touch, and instinctively, I bring it to my nose and breathe […]

Fun and Festive Bunny Napkin Fold


When I entertain, I love to create and develop a simple, yet fun and elegant tablescapes on a budget. I always make sure that some unique napkin fold comes into play. Learning to fold napkins is such an easy way […]

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Morning Run Smoothly


As a busy Mom of 6 young kids, I know that it can be a real challenge to get your kids out of bed, fed a hot and healthy breakfast, and have them ready to face the day in a […]

Cheap Fun for Kids: Hours of Fun & Entertainment


As much as I love to share about the birthday celebrations and traditions we have implemented throughout the year, sometimes with three birthdays in 30 days, crazy life gets in the way. Although that may be a reality, that’s not […]

To Give or Not to Give – Frugal Tip


When my husband and I first started dating, I instructed him to never buy me flowers. Yes, my frugal bent was ingrained even back then. The thought of him spending so much money on something so expensive, and then having […]

Lots of Life Around Our Place….


Spring announces birth, renewal, and fresh beginnings, and around our homestead, there is lots of life going on around our place. It’s been thirteen years since this city girl met country living, and yet I still get glimpses of my […]

One Minute Smiley Face Pancakes


You know how I believe that the little things are the big things? Well, this one little addition to your morning pancakes is sure to make everyone in your house smile. The next time you make pancakes, turn them into […]

Fabulous Fabrics…adding some Vintage Heart to my Home


There’s something about beautiful fabrics that can lighten a mood. They set the tone for a room, a table,  a wall, and even me. For  Christmas of my sweet 16,  my mom sewed me a cute apron for my hope […]

It’s Flu Season – what do you do to prevent the flu?


The irony of this post is not lost on me. Initially I wrote this on ways our family prevents the flu, since I can’t remember the last time any of us have been sick. And then I went to the […]

The “Nothing” I Did This Weekend


See my Update on Children’s Place Monster Clearance Sale. Now save even more. At church today, someone asked me what I did this weekend and I replied, “Nothing. It was wonderful.” Then I started thinking about what my “nothing” looked […]

Stock up Now…give generously year round


It’s December 26th, one of my favorite store shopping days of the year and yet I sit all cozy up in bed completely snowed in on our gravel road. Beauty gallivanted down on Christmas Day in the form of eight […]

I Can’t Do It All


Realizing that you can’t do it all frees one up to experience the moment. For two months, my plate of responsibilities has been overflowing, and as odd as it sounds, the upcoming holiday season will be a welcome reprise. I’m […]

Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary – Open Your Cabinets (31 Days)


When I think of making my home a haven, there are immediate impulses of redecorating, fluffing pillows, hanging beautiful pictures and just making things more cozy. Often, we overlook the easy and instantaneous ways that we can make the ordinary […]

Balancing the Laundry Load Experiment with Wisk


Welcome to the Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Laundry Lab. We had a blast becoming regular savvy scientists and doing our own laundry experiment with one of my biggest enemies…. I invite you into my home to see some of the […]