October 8, 2015

Spray Painting Cabinet Knobs: “Good “enough” Things

spray paint brass cabinet knobs

Two years ago, I gazed at beautiful, new cabinets and dreamt about the day when I could create the kitchen of my dreams. Instead, I went to my Good “Enough” Plan B, and knew that updating my knobs would suffice […]

Cheap vs. Frugal: What’s the Difference? Share Your Examples…

Cheap vs Frugal What's the Difference

I knew that many of you missed this post the first time I shared. I just had to revive it, since the comments are much more entertaining than the post. I can’t wait to read your new comments and experiences. […]

Becoming 2011 (A Weekend Like No Other)

Becoming conference pic wjenny, nester

Over two years ago, I mentioned to my real life friend, The Nester, how much fun it would be to gather our blog readers together for an event. Back then, we were fairly new bloggers, and that dream never became […]

How to Buy at an Auction


A live auction experience is just pure entertainment. At twenty years old, I was drawn into my first auction with no knowledge of what to expect. Knowing that I needed furniture for my sparse, college apartment, and this college town […]

Frugal Fashionista…Contentment

frugal fahionista

Sometimes we make fashion something that it’s not. We make it difficult. We make it about trends. We allow ourselves to be ruled by what someone else tells us looks good, and then fashion becomes stressful. Lately, writing my Frugal […]

Do You Decorate Above Your Doors?

decorating above the door

As I stumbled across this 1949 picture on Life.com, it conjured up so many feelings – a time when life was more simple, when boys were content to play with one truck on the floor, and when Family Managers focused […]

Stock up Now…give generously year round


It’s December 26th, one of my favorite store shopping days of the year and yet I sit all cozy up in bed completely snowed in on our gravel road. Beauty gallivanted down on Christmas Day in the form of eight […]

Shop Like a Deal Pro…


I thought you may enjoy seeing part of my interview for Savings.com. I know it’s always fun to put a voice and face with the writer behind the blog. We chatted for about ten minutes about many ways that I […]

Saving for Quality Kitchen Tools

Magic Mill Mixer

After yesterday’s budgeting post, “Give Every Dollar a Job,” I thought it would be fitting for this Tasty Tuesday to recall the first time I got down and dirty in saving for a quality kitchen tool – you know, a […]

Give Every Dollar a Job: Budgeting

money in envelope system

Friends, for this Type Z (yes, as opposed to Type A) personality, this next topis is one of the hardest lessons that I had to learn. I’m a free spirit and never did I think I could do this. But […]

It’s All in the Attitude


To where has October flown? I haven’t even scratched the surface of “choosing to be intentional” with our personal finances, family and every day life during these 31 Days to More to Less. Somehow living life to its fullest often […]

My $0.25 Yard Sale Reminder

kitchen shelf

It’s no secret that I am a “professional” yard saler. It’s not really in my bio, but maybe it should be. I guess the term “professional” defines someone who makes money from that endeavor, yet I don’t make money from […]

Free Fun: What’s in Our Own Back Yard?

Coleman tent

As the son of two WI public school teachers, my hubby’s spring break vacations included caravaning  from Green Bay, WI all the way to the beaches of Destin, Fl.  Teacher families from Green Bay would spend a glorious week soaking […]

Why I Choose to Yard Sale and Buy Thrift

Eddie Ross Secretary Hutch

As I prepare to write this post, I glance around to estimate just how much of the products in our home comes from a second hand source. Right now, I am snacking from beautiful teal, Mikasa dishes that I bought […]

Host a Teenage Birthday Party…on a budget!


As the time came for our oldest son to turn sixteen,  I wanted to plan something special, sentimental, and yet still be deemed successful in his teenage eyes. As the time came closer for this birthday party, he assured me, […]

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