October 20, 2017

What are your Easter Meal Ideas?


Every year we host our traditional Easter brunch and our favorite – Easter Eggstravaganza. It’s always a casual buffet style, since there’s typically around 25 – 30 people, and this allows for easy service. Everyone brings some of their favorites, […]

St Patrick’s Day Recipe and Menu Ideas


St. Patrick’s Day Recipes and Menu Ideas I have to admit. I have never done a lot for St. Patrick’s Day recipe and menu ideas. Every once in awhile when the boys were young, I might start off the morning […]

Everyday Waffles


Our family loves waffles, and the kids want me to buy them all the time. Yet, with the increase in waffle prices, this is something that’s been crossed off my shopping list. The price point is just too high. This […]

Saving for Quality Kitchen Tools


After yesterday’s budgeting post, “Give Every Dollar a Job,” I thought it would be fitting for this Tasty Tuesday to recall the first time I got down and dirty in saving for a quality kitchen tool – you know, a […]

Budgeting for Food


For most people, the quickest way to see a tangible difference in their pocket book is by examining personal food expenditures, and attacking that aspect immediately. Why food? Because unlike other fixed income expenses that are consistent every month, such […]

$500 Month Food Budget – 3 Moms Update


Do you remember when I was challenged with one month of reality cooking? Toni, Kate and I embarked on our 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Day Challenge. Specifically, I shared how I shopped, cooked and fed a family of seven […]

Easter Food Traditions


As Easter Sunday approaches, many of us try to iron out our last minute holiday plans. On the other hand,  many know exactly what will be served on Sunday because it just wouldn’t be Easter without our favorite foods. There’s […]

Grocery Guru shopping – 3 Moms update


Disclaimer: Only tried and true meat eaters will want to see these pictures. It’s a Carnivore’s Delight. As I slowly share my grocery guru mentality, it’s been a joy to interact with many of you about your new found “Grocery […]

Eating from the Pantry, Freezer and Fridge


Many of you joined me in January as I ate from our pantry, freezer and fridge for the Pantry Challenge. We successfully ate for $150 by using what we had on hand. Well, it wasn’t my intent, but the same […]

What Was Your Dinner Conversation Tonight?


It’s no secret that connecting around the table for regular family dinners is something I highly value. But no worries, I am going to save my “soap box” speech for another time. 🙂 Instead, I’m going to point out my […]

Grocery Guru’s #1 Money Saving Tip


As I speak to women about saving money, research latest trends, and listen to all the feedback you wonderful ladies give in the comments (hint, hint), I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to state that meal planning and grocery shopping are two areas with which most women struggle.

But guess what, those areas are the easiest and most effective way to see immediate results in lowering your monthly budget.

Now take a deep breath. I am not going to recommend taking on an outlandish challenge like spending $100/month on groceries or just $25 last week. 🙂 What crazy mom does that, but I am going to share my #1 Grocery Guru Money Saving Tip which doesn’t require clipping even one coupon.

Quick and Easy Appetizers


Appetizers aren’t just for parties any more. Here are some of our family favorites.
Easiest and Tastiest Cheese ball EVER!!

Welcome to my new home – Tasty Tuesday


Welcome to Tasty Tuesday and my new “home.” Balancing Beauty and Bedlam still has the same feel and the same goals, but our options will help you in the browsing process. Notice the great little “search” box to the right? […]

Creative Meal Planning


Welcome to all the Once a Month Mom visitors. If you’re interested in learning more about my Sister Kitchen Club, search and browse my bulk cooking posts. Creative Meal Planning – Part 1 Creative Meal Planning – Part 2

Cooking with kids…it works for me


One of the things I passionately pursue is instilling the value of responsibility into my children. I have read a myriad of books on the topic, have given talks on the subject, but bottom line…from a parental standpoint…it’s just plain […]