October 18, 2017

Laugh More! Laugh Loud! (31 Days to More with Less)


One thing I have learned in my old age, is that you have to be able to laugh at yourself. We all take ourselves way too seriously, and trust me, I can get awfully serious. In the midst of talking […]

Ten Things I Love About You (free printable)


The power of words is an unbelievable thing. They cultivate a range of emotions. Words can inspire, encourage, devastate, uplift, tear down and ultimately change the direction of a person’s day, week, and in some rare instances, their life. Be […]

Gratitude and Thanksgiving Traditions and Activities


This month’s free download of family activities and tradition ideas focusing on both Gratitude and Thanksgiving include Conversation Starters about Gratitude, Family Fun Night Turkey Placemats, the Leaves of Thanks tradition of the month, creating a Family Legacy of Gratitude and the Gift of Gratitude card. Download and print these activities for a special time with family.

How to Plan a Cheap Family Vacation (without being “cheap”)


After months of skimping, saving and planning, the annual family vacation is finally here. You head out for your much anticipated time away, but come back not only needing a time of recuperation from the hectic schedule, but also an […]

A Sunday Moment


It’s interesting to me that so many people view this road as narrow. This narrow path saved our children from danger. My daughter held her daddy’s hand as she hiked this trail in Pigeon Forge. She was safe, secure, and […]