November 17, 2017

Care Packages for the Homeless: Way to Help the Homeless


Nationwide, temperatures have been frigid. Ice courses through the bones. And while I tucking my children into bed, years of route “courtesy prayers” are spouted… “Lord, thank you for our yummy dinner tonight. Thank you for our house during the […]

Easy Beach Crafts – Plaster of Paris Sand Prints


Since it’s that time when many hit the beach, I thought I would share this post from a few years ago. Not only do I still have my box of Plaster of Paris ready for another set of prints, but […]

My Mommy Mess-Up Moment


It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve been overwhelmed, struggling with discouragement and down right exhausted in my mothering, so I revisted a post that I wrote earlier and claiming this truth. It’s been awhile since I’ve messed up as […]

My Adoption: A Choice of Hope


If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you know I am passionate about mothering. Whether it’s a biological child, adopted child or simply sharing LIFE by mentoring another in ones life, the opportunity to impact and influence […]

Special Ideas for Grandparents


Celebrating Grandparents – This Sunday, we celebrate an overlooked, but wonderful holiday –  National Grandparents Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, the holiday was created to remind grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents […]

Love Them Well


“We’re praying for this next chapter,” I heard the greeter mention to someone as they walked out of the sanctuary. I glanced up to see who she was addressing, and my sweet friends came into view. “Chapter, what chapter,” I […]

Cell Phone Dilemna: When Should Kids Get Them?


As a mother of four teenagers, with a nine year old trailing right behind, you wouldn’t believe the number of times I get asked my opinion about when children should get cell phones. I’ve quickly realized that question needs to […]

Won’t You Join Me?


There’s a soft subtle breeze that whispers through the tree tops. The crickets, frogs, birds, and a host of other creatures I try to identify without success bellow a cacophony of instrumentation that I haven’t heard in months. It’s a […]

What’s the Going Tooth Fairy Rate?


Have you ever just chuckled when you are smack dab in the middle of a conversation, and then you realize if there were any outside ears listening, that person would surely raise their eyebrows and wonder about you? Yes, our […]

Dream Big Dreams (with your kids) + St. Patrick’s Day Traditions


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, now is a great month to start a family tradition that makes you think about the importance of dreams all month long.  Share some of your dreams with your children (or maybe you are […]

It’s Worth the Fight (Sibling Relationships)


Last week I happened upon this two year old photo. If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in our home, it’s the way our eldest always has his little sister’s best interest at heart. He cares for her. He […]

Taking Dinner to New Levels: the Ground (Literally)


Sometimes creating special family dinners requires taking your surrounding ambiance to new levels. For our dinner last night, I literally took it to a different level – the ground. It’s been challenging to get all my guys home on the […]

Frugal Summer Fun Ideas


In some parts of the world, summer vacation is drawing to a close. In others, there are still several weeks left of rest and relaxation to enjoy. Whether you’re in mid-Summer or Summer’s End, there’s still great fun to be […]

Talking to your Tween and Teen


The eve of my 17th Mother’s Day comes to a close, and a myriad of feelings have swirled throughout the day.  I look at my “babies” above, and I am ever cognizant that the days are long, but the years […]

“The Smell of a Man…”


I remember the first time I saw our eldest son’s feet. They were perfect. Every line and detail were just precious, but the thing I loved most was the smell. Is it odd that there’s something about the smell of […]