July 27, 2014

Seriously, Do I have to Exercise?


I interrupt this meal planning post to tell you I can barely lift my arms to type because I have been exposed to this kind of torture for two weeks now. I am seriously trying to figure out how blogging with my new lifestyle change can mesh.

As I alluded to in an earlier post, differences are being made in this household.
One of the main changes in my life?
Becoming a complete gym rat again.
In most areas, I need to take baby steps in order to form a new habit, but with this….I have gone head first with no return.
The crazy reason?
Have you ever tried to take baby steps with exercise?
It just doesn’t work for me. I have tried it…for five years. I thought Taebo was going to my new best friend, but I turned on him also.
And that accountability is coming in the form of my sis in love – at 6 am in the morning.
The Lord has been nudging me, for a long time, to rise earlier.
I REALLY struggle with this area.
I love my late night hours, all by myself…LOVE. THEM, but it’s not the best for my family.
So I am compromising by leaving for aerobics at 5:30 am on Wed and Friday mornings, and then alternating evening classes the other two days.
This was one of those evenings, and it ended with another recruited detaining looking at me during class and mouthing, “I hate you.” (She did it love, of course, but still…)

A recap of our first 6am day – invigorating.
We felt great, had the best home school day ever and we confirmed that this would revolutionize our lives.
Our 1 pm phone call went something like this, “Don’t you just feel amazing? I feel like I’ve had a pot of coffee….”
So we did it again – the next day.
The class was step aerobics, and I literally laughed til I cried because it was SOOOO comical. We looked like complete idiots, and were probably annoying to all the serious ladies trying to exercise. They really do need to loosen up and we’re just the ones to do it.

The teacher took compassion on us after class and assured us that every one else in the class were hard core exercisers and had been coming for five years.
Our 1 pm conversation that afternoon went something like this, “Well, I sure don’t think you’re as perky today, are you? What….your hubby sent you back to bed? You were pale….yep, I went back to bed too. I am sick as a dog….can’t walk up the stairs, can you?”
But that was last week, and now, I don’t feel like I am going to vomit anymore, but I did an hour and a half boot camp class tonight…..yes, it’s really called BOOT CAMP!

Now, don’t worry. I am not deserting my one true love.

Picture of Chips / French Fries - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com

Remember, it’s all about balance, and health… not complete insanity.

I want to eat french fries, chocolate and salad. I cook fairly healthy, so that I can indulge a bit.
But I indulged too much last year, and I gained nearly 15 pounds. Now, for those 5 people that I know IRL life, they’re probably rolling their eyes at me.
Yes, because I am a bit taller – 5’8″, I can gain, AND lose, without it being extremely noticeable. But it is in my clothes.

Most people don’t know that I was huge competitive athlete/swimmer up until my 20′s. When I made the choice to focus on the arts, instead of athletics, I gained weight….alot of it! I was 30-40 pounds heavier than I am now. I know what it’s like to struggle with weight, and I don’t want to go back.
I am hitting a milestone bday in 6 weeks, and everyone keeps warning me that it’s so hard to lose weight after that magic year.
I want to be healthy, not skinny. I feel fine about my weight now, but I want to be able to do an aerobics class without my heart exploding, much less needing to go back to bed.
I want to assure that I stay a “young mom,” and have the energy to keep up with the busy lifestyle that comes with five blessings.
For me, it’s about health. But, if fitting back into my skinny jeans are one of the side benefits, I’ll take it.
And no, you will never ever catch me showing my belly – even if my abs ever look like that. I had to post them because they look just like my skinny jeans (minus the $160 price tag. :)
that hopefully I will be sporting soon…if I can ever get out of bed again. Right now, I just need to concentrating on getting up the stairs…
I think I can, I think I can…
It’s 11:15, and I have to leave at 5:30am
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  1. cityfarmer says:

    okay, I get to share something really exciting.
    A year ago I was almost ready for size 14…just before Christmas I bought a pair of red jeans and they were size 4…lots of blood sweat and tears….never thot this would be me….I do pilates for legs EVERYDAY

  2. Carolina Mama says:

    Awesome! Enjoy your 6am. I actually miss 6am/mine, the am is not a possibility with my husband’s schedule now. So enjoy it – you can!

  3. Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful says:

    Dedication. I lack it, but I want it soooo bad! Good for you girl. I’m sure you’ll be in those skinny jeans before you know it!

    p.s. In the top picture…is that instructor wearing a thong leotard? Do they still make those? Wow…let’s please give it back to 1983!

  4. joyful.miller says:

    I get the same comments! I’m 5 feet 9 and a half inches, and everyone rolls their eyes when I mention that I need to lose weight. But I AM 30 pounds heavier than when I got married! And still 15 heavier than before my first child. When will people realize that saying, “Oh, honey, you don’t need to lose any weight” doesn’t help or comfort in the slightest!

    By the way, I noticed on Blissfully Domestic that you’re going to BlissDom? If so, I’ll see you there!

    Joy @ Five J’s

  5. Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels says:

    I am so tired of people rolling their eyes when I say I need to lose weight. I may hide it fairly well, but I KNOW there are 10 pounds here that were not here last January. I soooo want them gone by summer time. Not so I can wear a bikini (ick) just so I can still fit into the suit (I love) from last year. The Y and I are becoming fast friends!
    Good Luck!

  6. Good for you for getting up and staying with it! I, on the other hand, have no self discipline to do any of that. I am already tired from working 4- 12 hour shifts per week. I’m with you on the clothes though. Even though I am still thin, I have gained 20 pounds in 2 years. I weighed 98 pounds until I hit 30. I am tired of replacing jeans, capris, etc. I hope I maintain at the weight I am now. If not I may be at the gym too. :o)

  7. Me too! I am losing it! It’s gotta come off!

  8. I need your drive, stamina & enthusiasm. Can you bottle some of that & send it to SC?

  9. Kitty Scraps says:

    I am in awe of anyone who can devote themselves to regular exercise! I am so proud of you! I lack the gene necessary to do it *smiles* but I’ve often wished I could… *smiles* Every once in awhile I manage to get on my treadmill, I so wish that counted for more, lol

  10. step was created by the devil…im sure of it!! ;)

  11. Congrats on your new healthy lifestyle. It really is the health that is important. The skinny jeans are just a bonus.

  12. Musings of a Homeschooling Mom says:

    Good for you!!! I am doing the same thing, but have to settle for the treadmill at 5:30AM! Our gym doesn’t offer step aerobics til 8:15! I wish they offered it at 5:40! I told hubby that I might have to try the cycling class. I don’t have a workout partner, though. I would love one! Keep it up!

  13. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Jen, I'm so proud of you! Go girl! I'm one of those gym rats who have been doing it for 27 years now. Without stopping. And I tell you, exercise is THE biggest key to gracefully ageing, IMO. I've picked up about 6-8 lbs. in the last 2 years & really would like to get those few off & it is getting harder. I've never had to worry about weight before, but after 50 is a whole new ballgame. I've determined that I'll never stop doing something workout wise. just makes you feel SO much better overall. I now do spin, step, free weights & I've just started 2 days of Pilates. I do all my workouts in 5 days & take 2 off. We'll have to chat about this at Blissdom.

  14. I think it’s awesome what you are doing! I have been trying for the last two weeks to get motivated and it’s not happening! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  15. Nicole O'Dell says:

    Oh i can totally identify with this post! WTG!

  16. PamperingBeki says:

    Having a workout partner helps me SOOOO much too!

    I don’t have one right now and it makes me sad. I do so much better when I have someone pushing me, waiting on me to show up for our walk, meeting me at the gym, etc.

  17. I’m with ya! I do a 9:30 class called Cardio Pump! Areobics with weights….the first week I could not walk until the second week!! hehehe! And arms?? I really just wanted to cut them off at the shoulder! It has been three months and I am down 11 lbs and can keep up with the best of them now! Only 100 lbs or so to go!!

  18. Do it yourselfer says:

    i’m inspired! you go! i just ate 4 chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

  19. Sandy Toes says:

    You go girl!!! WOW!
    -sandy toe

  20. Way to go, and your dedication is inspiring! I am NOT a morning person, but I’m somewhat fanatical about keeping in shape and being slim. I’ve always been slim, and I intend to stay that way to middle age and beyond! I ride horses ALL the time, and that, plus all of the chores associated with my equines keeps me in shape, but I love my treadmill and weights too. With your high energy personality, I’ve no doubt you will stick with your goals. :-) Being healthy and feeling energetic is addictive.

  21. HeathahLee says:

    You really inspired me with this post, Jen. I need to get to our walking track with my Kiddo, so Monday will be our first day. I hope I have enough discipline to keep it up!

  22. Jen, I just ran into your blog the other day and I am really enjoying it. I am right with you on having to be accountable. I find that the hardest person I have to be accountable to is me! I am making myself keep a journal with a check list that I have been filling in everyday. It is really helping.

    Hang in there with the classes!

  23. HA HA HA!! Those serious step aerobic people probably needed a little life! You probably shook their world up. LOL I did the same to a Salsa class I took. After 2 classes I was done! LOL I really thought I was a good dancer BEFORE that class and the MIRROR opened my eyes!! Good job Jenn, keep on trucking.

  24. Truth4thejourney says:

    This was fun! I am right there with you with exercising. The hard part is if you ever need to take more that one week off, its like starting all over again!

    Be encouraged, though. The first week is the hardest. After that the flu like symptoms go away! LOL!


  25. TuTu's Bliss says:

    I’m not on board yet with this whole balance thing..I am just trying to get up. The second baby (okay she’s one now but still) has knocked me for a loop. But I am following anyway and maybe just maybe I’ll be inspired to catch up.

  26. Darcy @ LWM3B says:

    I haven’t found that motivation yet.

    But, I am very proud of you for finding it!!

    You’ll be so happy when your skinny jeans suddenly, just… “jeans”. :)

  27. ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage says:

    There’s an award for you on my blog! :)

  28. I HAVE GOT to get my rear in gear! I need to get with the exercise program. It sounds like you will do just great!♥

  29. Thanks for stopping by!

    I hate exercising. Perhaps because I feel that if I’m doing a workout, it’s by definition not a good one!

    Have fun!

  30. Good for you. Man, I wish the 15 lbs. I’ve gained over the last few years weren’t noticeable but I’m only 5′ 2 and 3/4″ (yes I always include the 3/4″)! I am now working out like a gym rat too, six days a week and I’ve kept it up for over a month. I am also doing the Body for Life diet, the fat is melting away slowly but surely. I feel so much better already and the best part is I am no longer sore! :) Keep it up. I love boot camp classes.

  31. Good for you Jen! Keep up the good work!

  32. In response to your comment, yes it’s a GREAT outlet. It’s not the same working out at home, though I do when I have to. There’s just something about going to the gym, the energy and the fact that it may be the only time of the day that I see other adults. I love it. As for the 6 days a week, I’m just following the BFL workout too. 20 minutes cardio 3 days a week and about 45 min of weight lifting on the alternating 3 days. To find out more specifics you can go to the Body for Life website. Once most of my wieght is off and I’ve finished my 12 weeks, I’ll start going to the fun yoga and aerobics classes. Sorry for the long post. Have a great week Jenn.

  33. BTW – Love the name of your school!

  34. Screaming Meme says:

    I am so inspired and excited! :) Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme! I believe we have already met here in Blog Land….I want to personally invite you to share in a blog I just started…called Project: {Create A Home}…It is a blog that we all share in…we teach each other how to create a better life in 2009! I would love for you to join in…whether you want to be a writer, a follower or a commenter…we would love to have you! I have a personal blog called Screaming Meme…It is going to be a DIY 2009 year over there! I look forward to getting to know you! Meme

  35. I feel ya on this one… My SIL and I are accountable for each other to work out every day. I even started taking a core strengthening class during my lunch hour. Really? What was I thinking? Have you ever tried CORE STRENGTHENING? Well, don’t. I know it must be working, because I’m hurting.

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