November 21, 2017

Overnight Breakfast Praline Bread Pudding


As the kids meander down the stairs with that sleepy, groggy look that tells me sleep is not over rated and they need more of it, I quickly pull out this delectable delight.

With pecans, brown sugar, and bread that’s been soaked overnight in an amazing Southern Pecan cream mixture, the end result of this Praline Bread Pudding’s aroma wakes even the sleepiest of teens.

For decades, I’ve concocted every overnight french toast recipe known to eating families, but have only posted my Stuffed Strawberry French Toast recipe.

When I saw a Praline Recipe in the latest Taste of Home, it inspired my love of flavored coffee creamers.

You see, one of my biggest baking secrets revolves around the fact that I often slip in flavored creamers when a recipe calls for milk. For instance, it’s a way to take a basic French Toast to a gourmet level without adding any steps.

Considering that most Praline type of toppings include pecans, I knew that International Delight’s Southern Pecan Creamer was perfect to jazz up this recipe, and I was right. The beauty of flavored creamers is that may match any flavors that you might have on hand for varying deliciousness.

Since this recipe uses half and half, I realize that this is not a “light” recipe, but I have made it such by easily substituting fat free flavored coffee creamer varieties for half and half. Since this recipe calls for three cups of milk and creamer, just make sure that you equal that liquid amount in your recipe. For example,  you could use one cup of light creamer and two cups of milk for a more subtle flavor and lower fat content or vice versa.

(Did I just ruin the experience by talking fat content? ;)) Don’t worry, both variations are SO incredibly delicious, that this will be a new main stay in your morning experience. Since I always look for recipes that I can make ahead, this answered that quest.

When I was asked to share about International Delight, I was so excited because I had already made this recipe for our Easter brunch before they approached me. Talk about an easy partnership.

How do you use flavored coffee creamers? I’d love to be inspired with more creative uses.


  1. Mmmm…you had me at the Souther Pecan Coffee Creamer. Sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for hosting.


  2. International Delight creamer is a great way to jazz up this yummy Praline Breakfast Bread Pudding. I love the sound of this recipe. This week I’ve shared step by step instructions for how to make a traditional chocolate and vanilla marble cake. Thank you for hosting!


  3. Christi Miller says:

    I have made creme brûlée with it! Yummmmmmmm!


  4. Michele Thomas says:

    I use it in oatmeal, hot chocolate and I have used it in smoothies before too. I think it has lots of uses other than just coffee.


  5. Teri Sudduth Sipe says:

    I make a cast iron skillet cookie and I use hazelnut creamer instead of milk. I add it to hot chocolate and it’s the only way I got my youngest to drink cold milk. People looked at me like I was crazy but he loved Belgin Chocolate Toffee flavoring in his milk. Love it!


  6. What a creative way to add some flavor without extra work! I’d never even thought to use it in bread pudding. 🙂


  7. Thanks for hosting! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! 🙂


  8. Vivian L. says:

    I’ve made poke cake with it before. Make boxed cake mix in 9×13 following instructions. When it cools, poke holes all over the cake with fork or other utensil. Pour creamer/milk of choice over cake. Top with whipped cream. Serve chilled. Delicious. I used spice cake and pumpkin fall flavored creamer.


    Jen Reply:

    YUM!! That is a GREAT idea and so easy. Perfect way to make it seem completely homemade. 🙂


  9. Whitney McDaniel says:

    I was really disappointed in this recipe. I used 1.5 cups of the flavored creamer and 1.5 cups of milk. Everything else was exactly according to the recipe. It was sooooo bland. Total waste of ingredients. There was no praline type flavor what so ever-pralines are sweet, this was not at all.


    Jen Reply:

    So sorry you that it was bland. Did you use the International Delight brand? Since that’s what I always use, I wonder if some brands are sweeter than others. I also always make it with the half and half to make it more rich, but again, trying to brainstorm how it could have been bland with the pecans, brown sugar etc, but I know that’s frustrating to make something and not like it.

    Since I was serving this as a breakfast dish, it wasn’t meant to be a sweet dessert and we used some syrup on it like a french toast type of bake.



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