November 23, 2017

My Favorite Mindless Fun: Chick Flicks


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Last week, our three boys and my husband were out of town.

I had such high hopes of accomplishing so many projects every night after my girls went down to bed, but I admit, when my daughters came to me with those big blue eyes, and inquired, “Mom, it’s just the girls, can we please watch some Chick Flicks?,” there was nothing that sounded more delightful – mother/daughter cozy time over a cute wholesome movie.

Every year, my girlfriends and I have a girls get away. We sit, talk, giggle, eat and bring an endless supply of movies that are perfect just for the girls; those mindless romantic comedies that let you escape for a few hours and feel all good at the end.

I am typically the last girl standing and will watch them into the early morning hours. I remember the first time I saw Pride and Prejudice on one of those girls get-aways. It drew me in, and when my friends suggested splitting those six hours into two evenings, I just couldn’t’ do it. I stayed up till 3:00 am to find out what would finally happen with Mr. Darcy. That was my record – Pride and Prejudice in one sitting.

So I admit, I love my favorite mindless fun evenings. I don’t do that often, but every once in awhile, it’s just refreshing and relaxing.

So when I was contacted about viewing the Monte Carlo movie trailer, within the first few seconds, I was brought back to those fun girls movie nights.

The plot revolves around the typical “princess” fairytale.

Grace (Selena Gomez) is an ordinary girl who becomes an accidental heiress when a summer trip to Paris turns into the fantasy of a lifetime. On a dream vacation, Grace, along with her best friend and step-sister, discover that the greatest adventure is finding out who they really are.

Oh ladies – we’ve all dreamed about becoming that accidental heiress, haven’t we? And even though, I have no desire to actually live that lifestyle, it sure is fun to escape for just those few hours and dream. I know, mindless, superficial and oh, so fun! It’s looks like SUCH a cute movie.

Tomorrow, July 1st, our eldest daughter turns 12, so it’s only fitting that for her birthday, Monte Carlo opens in the theaters. We rarely go to a real theater, and when we do it’s a special, special treat. She can hardly wait for our Mother/Daughter Chick Flick Date night, but honestly, I don’t know who is more excited, mother or daughter.

If you are worried about your showing selling out, you can always purchase tickets through Fandango to reserve your time, and if your daughter likes to get the inside scoop, you can check out their Facebook page.

Ok, so ‘fess up. Am I the only adult woman admitting to enjoying these Chick Flicks as much as her daughter?

What are some of your favorite Chick Flicks?

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  1. I have to admit, I’m not really a chick flick girl. Maybe because I’m around my 6 boys too much! But now that I really think about it, I am still a woman. My favs are : Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Kate & Leopold, When and Man Loves a Woman, (You think I like Meg Ryan much?!) I’m sure there are more. This looks like a really cute movie. SInce I don’t have a girl, there will be no girl movie night for me! But, I am taking my 6yo and 5yo boys to see Mr. Poppers Penguins Friday night. I heard it got a Dove Award!


  2. I love chick flicks, and the great thing is… so does my husband! Haha! I think this movie looks adorable, and I can’t wait to see it!


  3. I love chick flicks (and my hubby enjoys them as well), but I have 5 daughters – so I have many years ahead to share those kind of fun experiences! Can’t wait to see Monte Carlo when it comes out on dvd!


  4. Lynne in NC says:

    Thanks for this posting.
    My birthday is the 2nd and it would be a perfect movie for me and my daughter, too.
    A great gift to both of us — me: birthday; her: ‘alone’ time with Mom.
    love ya!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    I love chick flicks! I don’t have a daughter, just a two year old son, and my husband hates chick flicks, so I think I’ll be watching this movie all alone when it comes out on DVD. That’s fine by me though! And btw, the BBC Pride and Prejudice is awesome! I’ve watched it in one sitting many times, I love it so much!


  6. Kim Erwin says:

    This looks like a fun movie. I just put it in my Netflix line-up. My daughters and I will enjoy a cheap girls night in when it becomes available. Thanks for sharing the trailer.


  7. Kristina says:

    The top three chick flicks in our household (3 girls), are “Princess Bride”, which also has great swashbuckling scenes, so maybe it’s not technically a chick flick, “Princess Diaries”, and “Bride and Prejudice”, a Bollywood take on Pride & Prejudice. It’s set in India, and the gorgeous costumes, singing and dancing are beyond beyond.

    Going to have to check out Monte Carlo.


    Jen Reply:

    Oh, I LOVE Princess Bride. I can believe I haven’t thought about that one in forever. I haven’t heard of Bride and Prejudice, but that looks fun too.


  8. I love chick flicks and so does my daughter. But now that she’s also a mother, she sees them with her church friends and I’m the designated babysitter. I wish I could remember the name of this movie that she told me about when she was in high school. The plot revolved around a teacher – in a good way. She told me I needed to see it because I was just like that teacher. I was so touched.


  9. Ahhh! Just thinking about it makes me relax. A wonderful time to enjoy a fun movie with no guys making snide comments about how lame this is. Load 27 dresses, sleepless in seattle, pride and predjudice, pretty woman or princess diaries and forget about the laundry and what’s for dinner. My daughter, who just turned 20 and I also love all the disney animated princess movies like tangled, cinderella, snow white and the 7 dwarfs, sleeping beauty, princess and the frog, etc. Add to that all the older fims like an affair to remember, philidelphia story, arsenic and old lace, gone with the wind and the list goes on.


  10. Princess Bride. Ever After. Sweet Home Alabama, among others. I can even get my husband to watch them! Definitely not the same as watching them with other chicks, but most of the time he’s all I’ve got.


  11. My husband and I write a movie blog and we watch everything–action, drama, sci-fi, and even the occasional chick flick–although the chick flicks are way, way out numbered. When my husband went on a mission trip to Africa at the beginning of April, I embarked on what we called “The Solo Project.” 11 chick flicks in 11 days. You can check it out here at under the “Solo Project” tab! Enjoy!!


  12. Oh, how a good chick flick soothes the heart! 🙂 Bless my dear husband, he has watched more chick flicks since we got married (5 yrs) than he did in his previous 26 years! I’ll need to put this new one on my “to see” list.


  13. Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’ Diary, P&P, Indiscreet, Brief Encounter…sigh….


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