July 26, 2014

Request of All Linkers: Tasty Tuesday Community


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If you are linking up today, please read my request for the day. Sorry for the delay this morning. Life got in the way.

For over two years now, I have had the privilege of hosting the original Tasty Tuesday. It began at a time when there were only a handful of recipe link ups on the web, and I felt such joy seeing women connect through this venue of sharing recipes on line. We supported each other, commented and actually browsed the different links.

It was a unique and beautiful thing, but as the blogosphere grows, times change.

This past week,  I’ve shared my thoughts on women who write their own songs, and I know this to be true of many of you who link up each week.

You are women who have turned your can’ts into cans, and I LOVE that! I celebrate your dreams.

For me, my blog has grown through not just a lot of hard work, but also the beauty of community. Women encouraging each other. Women I trust in sharing my struggles with the balance of blogging. Women linking to me ,even when they have skyrocked to super star status or who build a group and help each other out.

I want that for all of you, but it means being willing to reach out to others. It means not being afraid to share your link love. When it comes to blog carnivals these days, community can’t happen if your sole purpose is to link and run on a regular basis.

I understand the desire for additional traffic from weekly memes; they are a great way to slowly build that, but I see many of the recipes here that link one post to many, many blogs. Often, we are busy women trying to balance it all, and just don’t have the time to do more than link and run. I totally understand that, but I want Tasty Tuesday to also be about building a community of women supporting each other.

So for today, I am asking that you choose only one recipe to link up this week, and commit to taking a few minutes to encourage those in this list of recipes. If you don’t have time to do that today, I understand, but ask that you wait till next week to link up again.

I see no additional traffic for whether there are five blogs encouraging each other or 500 bloggers supporting each other from this list, so let’s remind ourselves of the joy of this being about celebrating others.

Please visit the two blogs linked before you, celebrate them and leave a little comment love. (And I hope that didn’t sound like my lecture “mommy voice.” I want it to be my “These Women Rock” voice.)

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  1. So, true, and a great reminder. When I first started blogging, I’d link and run…simply because I was still learning the manners of blogging. Now, as I get more comments on my blog, and I love them, I set aside time each day to comment on others. It is a great feeling to open up my blog in the morning and see comments. I want to do the same for others. Now that I have “expanded” and host 2 link ups each week on my blog, I make a very conscious effort to comment back to every person who links up. Thank you again. Your “mommy voice” spoke to me today!

    Heather, My Mothermode Reply:

    @Carrie @ My Favorite Finds, Yes, sometimes the early days of blogging include the early years of childhood. And so we find ourselves linking and running- running to another toddler emergency! I hope to have better manners as my children learn theirs! ‘)

  2. It was a very polite “mommy voice.” I visit lots of the links each week, and am making a real effort to leave a little comment. It only takes a few seconds, and it can be such an encouragement! Thanks for working to build community!

  3. Since I was first (how did that happen?), I visited the one after me and a couple of other randoms. Don’t forget stumbling each other’s posts with StumbleUpon is a great way to promote others, as is pinning with Pinterest. :)

    Jen Reply:

    @Heather Solos
    Are you first because I am hours late? haha

    Yes, Stumble Upon and Pinterest are AMAZING! I need to introduce those to my readers. Can you believe I have even done that yet?

    I need to get that “Pin me” icon. :)

  4. Thanks for putting it out there today. I’m glad that your purpose is to build a sense of community and love that you encourage people to check out what others are up to. We all love comments!

  5. Hello Jen,

    I really appreciate your heart behind this. I really want to build community on my site too. It’s hard to decide what to spend time on but we need to do what is a priority.

    You put it very nicely :-).

  6. I totally agree, Jen. Thanks for the gentle reminder and for hosting. I have left my comments.

  7. Thanks for hosting this! Not that I’m contributing, but I already found at least one recipe that I want to try :)

  8. I am so with you, Jen! This is one of the reasons I choose just a few linky parties to join each day — I can’t possibly interact with and visit all the blogs linked up at every party, so I try to choose a couple that I can. I appreciate your post today!! I can’t wait to find a few yummy recipes today.

  9. Thanks for the tasty link up each week. I enjoy it a lot!

  10. Leaving a comment on a blog is like leaving your calling card. I’ve met the most amazing bloggers on Tasty Tuesday – and gathered a wealth of amazing recipes! Thanks so much for hosting every week!

  11. Thanks for hosting! You truly have wonderful people linking up here, now I’m off to give some comment love :)

  12. I haven’t linked up today because I’m not in “cooking” mode as yet with all the purging I’ve been doing lately of my “stuff”…not food purging…lol
    But now after reading your gentle reminder I will be joining up in the future because I’ve done too many link parties where NO ONE comes back to my blog and encourages me on my linked up posts…that is very annoying to say the least.
    Thanks for being a wonderful moderator and example.
    Fondly, Roberta

  13. Thanks for hosting Tasty Tuesday! Community and sharing are the best parts of linking up. :-)

  14. Agreed… thanks for the gentle reminder. Love, Traci

  15. Love this Jen – a wonderful reminder!! I have my own little rule that if I link up to something, I have to visit and comment on at least 3 others that have linked up. Of course some weeks I have good intentions and it just doesn’t happen, but I do try! So of course I can’t link a post to 20 link-ups as there is no way I’d be able to visit so many others. And I do “pin” a lot of recipes that I find! Thanks so much for hosting! :)

  16. Wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to encourage all of us!

  17. Thanks for hosting every week! I went and visited some tasty recipes (and pinned some too). :)

  18. Thanks so much for having me today-my first time linking up to your party. I really appreciate your kindness and consideration of others in your post today. I always try to visit at least 6 other links when I attend linky parties. How else would you meet people and make new bloggy friends if you don’t say hi!

    Best wishes for a lovely week,

  19. very well said and a great reminder….thank you.

  20. Thanks for the reminder! I always try to comment on posts, especially if I see only one or two comments, or even none. I always want the poster to know that someone read what they worked so hard on, and appreciated it.

    I love, love Pinterest! I haven’t gotten into Stumbling yet – just no time.

  21. This was a great reminder post…so often I visit the sites that link up but don’t take the time to comment…now I will be more mindful of it. It was actually a very fun exercise today!

  22. Oh I could definitely hear the “These women rock” voice :) Thanks for a great post!

  23. Bravo. Good for you to remind what everyone should have already known and respect. I didn’t know that one can link up more than one post, and not feel like a slime. Happy Tuesday.

  24. Well said! Thanks for hosting, as always. :) Blessings, ~Lisa

  25. Great idea for Christmas gifts! I also think these would be sooo good in homemade vanilla ice cream….

    I shared your recipe on my blog today…



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