November 24, 2017

Trash to Treasure Yard Sale Find – Antique Chair


After having taken a few weeks off of attending yard sales, I ventured out bright and early Saturday morning to browse for a few treasures. I was not disappointed. Tucked away, I caught of glimpse of the lines on this […]

Yard Sale Trash to Treasure Finds


It’s always thrilling for me when a room slowly comes together. I’ve never had a room make-over, although HGTV would be SO welcome to attack any room in our house, and I might even name our next child after them […]

What’s Your $10 Fun?


Last weekend, my girls and I bonded over treasure hunting and hit some yard sales. We didn’t find a lot of things, but because they were with me, items were pointed out in a new light. Smooshed together in a […]

Planning Your Garage Sale and Thrifting Trips


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We often think of that old adage in terms of business or work, but the same philosophy holds true when I plan out my yard sale and thrifting trips. (No, I […]

Finding Treasures…Yard Sale Style


Yard sale season is in full swing, and you know that I have been enjoying my most favorite recreational activity…treasure hunting. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but it has enabled our household budget on […]

Yard Sale Treasures…are they out there?


Waking up and going to yard sales is as natural to me as the air I breathe.But for many of you, it’s new and a bit overwhelming. My goal is to have a concise Yard Sale 101 summary, but I […]

Best Yard Sale Find Ever and amazing Hutch Redo


As I head into yard sale season, all the creative juices in my body are starting to flow. I can barely contain myself with the wonder and excitement of the trash to treasures that I am about to behold. Since […]

Sacrificial thrifty find


I haven’t had much time to finish all the many DIY projects that I have lining the halls, nor spray paint the abundance of “finds” that I have captured at the local thrift store.That is why I was so thrilled […]