December 19, 2014

Trash to Treasure Weekend Finds

Fun trash to treasure finds

It’s that time of year again when yard sales are in full force. Yes, it’s definitely my favorite time of the year. Not only does it remind me that beautiful weather is on the horizon, but it’s when I purchase […]

Finally Fall – Home Decor Ideas

Fall centerpiece

For years, our home was the place to be during the fall. With lots of land and a huge bon fire pit, hay rides, bon fires and s’mores welcomed our fall guests with all that autumn has to offer. With […]

Painting an Ugly Brass Lamp & Making It Beautiful

How to paint a brass lamp

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe that those are the same lamps, but they are. Even my husband dropped his jaw and said, “I can’t believe  it.” A total transformation with just a little bit of paint and […]

Framed Fabric Art in Minutes: Ditto DIY

Dollar Store Framed Fabric craft @beautyandbedlam

Welcome to the July {ditto} DIY challenge! It’s another month for our Ditto DIY challenge and this one packs a punch of such versatility and ease. Each month, my sweet friends and I  are challenged to recreate a project or […]

Saturday’s Thrifted Treasures

thrifted china vase

It’s been pouring rain for what seems like weeks here, and I just wasn’t sure if yard sales were going to make it or not, but they did, some of them. I got a late start to my yard sale […]

My 80% Off Lifestyle = $100,000 in Savings

Liz Clairborne tourquise handbag

(Liz Claiborne Turquoise Leather Handbag – $1 at a yard sale this weekend. I do not “need” another handbag, but I just couldn’t pass on one of my favorite colors.) Living the 80% off Lifestyle and Loving it has become […]

Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture from Thrift Store/Yard Sales

painting wood furniture

As yard sale season approaches, I am continually asked for my tips and tricks of the Garage Sale Guru trade, so I thought I’d break down the process of what I look for specifically in a furniture purchase. We all […]

Thrifty Treasures that Add a Pop to a New Space


A few months ago, I stumbled across these light weight wooden beauties for $2 a piece at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I don’t shop there often because it’s a good 40 minutes from my house, so when my […]

Thrifty Treasures: 80% Living


Fiesta ware pitcher $4 It’s a joy for me to welcome people into our home. Yes, bedlam might reign on a regular basis, but my desire is that beauty peeks through a multiple of venues, and a “welcome home” mentality […]

Trash to Treasure Spring Decor in Minutes

creating tablescape

I’m not in my Spring Cleaning mood yet (I’m waiting patiently for that to hit), but when the spring air hit this week, it sure did get me in a Spring spray paint kind of mood. I went on a […]

Today’s Amazingly Thrifted Treasures

antique sectional sofa

The sun shines brightly this February morning, and a warm wave has hit our NC town. My immediate thought spins towards yard sale season and how I am itching to go out on my Saturday morning excursions. I use the […]

Trash to Treasure Glorious Goodwill Find

Goodwill dresser find

Often, our outside shed whispers my name. It seeks me, it calls me to come out and play, or better yet, to clear away the clutter the treasures that rest within. I’ve ignored that invitation for far too long. Beautiful […]

Thrifting as a Lifestyle

practical yard sale

It’s always fun to show you the thrifty treasures that I snatch up on my yard sale days, and thrift store outings. Finding so many amazing things that I definitely don’t “need,” but really want is such a blessing. Home […]

$1.50 of Pure Turquoise Happiness

antique blue glass thrift store find

This winter, I really took a step back from my typical thrifting. (Something to do with jam packed storage, and no space for more treasures until I de-clutter some more.) Yet when I wandering into a tiny, unpretentious thrift store […]

What Did You Do On Black Friday?

thrifting on Black Friday

While everyone was fighting the traffic, getting some great deals as they stood in line for hours, (and quite possibly sacrificed their bodies for that deal), my side of the family did the same thing we do every single Black […]