It’s been pouring rain for what seems like weeks here, and I just wasn’t sure if yard sales were going to make it or not, but they did, some of them.

I got a late start to my yard sale season due to so many Saturday commitments, so I have been itching to find some great ones. This past week-end, I found a few hidden gems along the way starting out with this precious $1 china pitcher.

The colors are unlike any I have seen before. It has a china mark on the bottom, but unfortunately, I can’t quite make it out to know it’s true value, but it just makes me happy.


I can’t wait to spruce up this $3 chair find with a little paint. It’s going to be beautiful tucked in a little corner. I’m still debating white or turquoise or maybe a little of both?

 One of my favorite interior decorating stores has an annual yard sale and I always pounce on some gorgeous finds. Unfortunately, they began the sale on a Friday and I was out of town, but I still racked up on Saturday.

I just love these rolls of fabric for decorating. They are great to make bows, to wind through Christmas trees, to layer on tablescapes, and more, but they are typically out of my budget – not during her yard sales. Opened rolls were $3, with new ones $5, and they are normally around $30. Those are things you typically just can’t find second hand.

During the summer months, Christmas is the last thing on my mind, but when I see quality items, I snag them. With the addition of our porch, I’ve been thinking ahead to the garland and wreaths that I’ll want for our posts and railing, so buying it now for a few dollars is only smart.  (Yes, there’s a bunch more in that bag.) No one looks for holiday items during the summer, but those that plan ahead save big time. I do this with all my holiday decor and I just store it in marked bins in the attic.

For those who are true blue sports fans, you know the kind of money that is spent on getting all the right sports paraphernalia. That’s why I’m always looking for our favorite teams at yard sales. It’s going to be getting a little trickier now with our #2 son getting recruited for Division 1 football by opposing schools, but we’ll see how it all plays out. For now, we enjoy sporting our Tar Heal Blue (and Packer Green and Gold).

I also bought some quality water bottles. These Vera Bradly ones were only a quarter and since we are always losing them, when I find them, I buy them.

Cute sunglasses: $0.25

And I’m ending on my recent Grocery Guru finds . Not quite thrifted, but the prices felt that way. My trip allowed me to load up an entire cart without clipping one coupon. It all goes back to my basic principle of using your EAGLE EYES to find the deals.

I left the store with five pounds of fruit marked down to just $0.49/pound, bags of marked down pre-washed and cut broccoli and carrots for $1, five containers of Crab/Artichoke Dip for $1/each ($4 off each and the sell by date wasn’t even for four more days), chicken breast, thighs and two roasts at 75% off.

I just love shopping trips like that. Remember, plan your meals around what you find on sale, not the other way around. My meals are set now for the week based on what I just found marked down without even clipping one coupon.

Oh, I just love Saturdays!!

I would love to hear what thrifted Treasures you have found lately and I’ll celebrate with you.

Share away!!