October 3, 2015

DIY Foaming Hand Soap ($1 for an entire year of soap)

In 30 seconds and for $1, create hand foaming soap for a year

 (We just finished our Becoming Conference and this tip was shared. It reminded me to share this for those of you who missed it.) During a fit of panic,  I discovered this amazing trick.  I anticipated a large group of […]

Defying Your Age: Hair Tips for Looking Younger

Back of hair after cut

These are some of my best friends – all over 40 and 50, but they look better now than when I first met them. Our third son was just four months old and I was juggling having three boys in […]

8 Ways to Look Younger Now

8 Ways To Look Younger Now!

Hi ladies! I’m Cyndi, and I blog at Walking in Grace & Beauty. I love to share fashion & beauty tips with women over 40, as well as reminders that true beauty begins on the inside. I’m excited to be […]

30 Second “Pony Tail Rut” Buster

30 second Up Do via @beautyandbedlam

Last week, I posted on Facebook and Instagram this super quick 30 second braided “bun” that I literally created while I was sitting at the computer reading, and you all wanted to know how to do it. I almost feel […]

Simple Summer Beauty Tips

Simple Summer Beauty Tips via @beautyandbedlam

 As summer lurks around the corner, I’m stashing my sweaters in lieu of sundresses and packing up the boots for my favorite sandals. I love the thought of summer months, but the reality of hot temperatures and humidity reeks havoc […]

What are Your Beauty Must Haves? Neutral Smokey Eyes

Neutral Smokey Eyes

Last month, I shared my love of all things fall, including fall color palettes for both my wardrobe and make up. I love pulling out my plethora of scarves and creating new looks with fun, fall accessories. While we may […]

Easy Eye Make Up Tips (+giveaway)


(Typically, I am not a disclaimer kind of girl, but when a video goes through editing from an outside source, and comes back a bit blurry, I just can’t help but add an “I know, but it’s out of my […]

It’s Here: Back to School (Traditions & Ideas)

Fun fruit lunch ideas for kids

It’s hard to believe that the school year is upon us. In fact, our district went back two weeks earlier than our neighboring counties, so the first week is already behind us, and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. I […]

Favorite Summer Memories – It’s the Little Things

snuggle during movie night

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity for our family. Whoever coined the phrase “lazy, dog days of summer” forgot to whisper it in our direction. The summer kicked off with gatherings in our home, then moved to planning […]

5 Skin Care Tips for Young Girls

skin care tips for girls

In one week, I will be the mother of FOUR TEENAGERS! Yes, four! (Let’s just pause for a moment, and take deep breaths, while I wrap my brain around that fact. Ok, I am much better now, thank you.) Raising […]

Tips for Choosing a Hair Stylist & Going For a Big Change (mine: 4 inches)

before cut

Throughout college, I worked as a receptionist in a really nice hair salon. It was always interesting for me to find out how people choose a good hair stylist. For first time visitors, that was often the first question I […]

Easy Half Braid (perfect for long or shorter hair)

Easy Half Braid

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a little side tracked from my 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge, but we’re definitely on our way again.  Many friends have shared that since they never mastered how to hold three […]

Hair Challenge: Twist & Pin – Perfect style for long and short hair length

Twist and Pin hair STyle

I’ve had a fun “play around with my hair” week, and my apologies for not posting any new styles for our 30 Days (that’s spread out through a few months) hair challenge.  I’ve officially dug myself out of my pony […]

Fanciful Fun Pony Tail for Longer Hair

elegant pony tail

Trying to find easy, yet simple ways to dress up my pony tail has become my hair mission. Since every time I get my hair cut, I sit in the stylist chair and remind them I am really flexible, AS […]

The Sara: Easy Curled Up-Do (that looks like you styled it all day)

easy up do

Are you having fun with our 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge? Remember, the goal is not  necessarily to be “Red Carpet Ready” every day, but just to encourage ourselves to get out of our rut. I find that […]

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