March 28, 2014

The Perfect Beer Dip Recipe

Beer Dip for Pretzels

Born and raised in Wisconsin, known for their cheese, beer and Packers, I would be remiss to not share this amazing Beer Dip recipe that my sister in law introduced me too. It’s a perfect pairing with pretzels or Frito […]

Cheesy Chicken (3 ingredients)

3 Ingredient Cheesey Chicken

When I first got married, I was continually looking for easy and quick recipes that caused my hubby to think I might possibly know what I was doing in the kitchen. Quite ironically, it’s eighteen years later, and I still […]

Sweet, Sugar Cinnamon Popovers

Easy Popover Recipe - just a touch of sweetness and so very simple.

Last week, I shared my simple popover recipe. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional dinner roll or bread; a crisp hollow pastry with an eggy interior. I love dipping popovers in my soup or slathering them with butter, but […]

Homemade Dumpling Recipe

easy dumplings

Homemade dumplings are such an easily overlooked comfort food.  Nothing says cozy more than a roaring fire and a bowl of simmering soup, but please don’t forget to make this easy homemade dumpling recipe. With only a few minutes of […]

Popover Recipe: (Give it a try and never go back)

easy popover recipe

It’s a chilly, rainy day today, and nothing seems more inviting than a bowl of simmering soup accompanied by some fresh, out of the oven, popovers. A few months ago, I visited my sweet sister in-love and she introduced me […]

Festive Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas Tree Cheese Platter

Can you believe that Christmas is just days away? With that comes all the last minute baking and preparation for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Meal. Our Christmas Eve food takes a turn from the traditional meal, since I […]

Puff Pancake Recipe

This perfect Puff Pancake recipe makes such a wonderful presentation, but is so easy for guests.

Saturday morning symbolizes pancakes in our family. Often, I make our delicious Swedish Pancakes or Easy Buttermilk Pancakes, but for a large family, it’s time consuming to stand over the griddle flipping them (especially when you make around fifty.) I’ve […]

Grandma’s Texas Sheet Cake Recipe


When one has a large family, recipes that feed a crowd, yet taste delicious, are always on my radar. The Texas Sheet Cake certainly fits that the criteria, and what’s even better is that is bakes in TEN minutes. Yes, […]

Pumpkin Pie (or any Pie flavor) in a Jar

Put a fabulous twist on the original pumpkin pie recipe.

There’s just something about serving food in pretty glass jars that makes me so happy. I bought two cases of brand new canning jars at a yard sale, so this holiday season I will be brainstorming creative ways to use […]

Easy Cream Cheese Danish Recipe

cream cheese crescent roll recipe

How is it possible to have three, tiny ingredients taste like you spent all day in the kitchen, and have a group of 30 women ask for the recipe? Often, my desire is to bake from scratch, but too many […]

Easy Veggie Tray – (Adorable Turkey)

Vegetable Tray

As much as we all love our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas, it’s always a wonderful option to offer a lighter fare and this adorable Turkey Veggie Tray brings healthy eating and gorgeous presentation together. My sweet friend, Heather, inspired […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake (Fun for Kids)

Adorable Turkey Cake

As adults, we all covet our Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Pie and Dutch Apple Pie, but do the children enjoy those traditional choices as much as we do? I know when our children were young, they would always pass on the […]

Best Cheese Ball Recipes

Best Cheeseball for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year when we search for easy appetizers, and in my opinion, there’s nothing better than a good cheese ball recipe. In fact, 99% of the time when I entertain, some form of cheese ball graces […]

Strawberry Milk Recipe (Great Gift Idea)

Strawberry Milk that's Perfect for a gift

Margo shares, “My family didn’t have a lot of material things growing up, but we always loved when my mom would buy the Strawberry or chocolate drink mixes and mix it in with our milk for a special treat. Now […]

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Admittedly, there’s one sweet treat combination I can’t pass up, and that’s the amazing mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. From my Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats to these amazingly easy No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, I love […]