August 20, 2014

$3 Cookie Sheet Menu Planing Board

Adorable $5 Menu Plan Board

Every where one looks, there are blogs, books, magazine articles and heroic claims that this is the next up and coming way to help you organize your meal time. In fact,  I wouldn’t have started an entire 10 Minute Dinners […]

To Share or Not to Share a Bedroom? (Lessons from 18 years + Decor ideas)

Bunk Beds for Sharing Rooms

Traditional Home I sat across from my dear friend as she worried, “We must get a new house before the baby comes. They each need their own room.” Speaking candidly, as only good friends can do, I reminded her, “You […]

Care to…

Start recycling now

My daughter and I pulled up to the stop sign in our little country town. In front of our very eyes, a man (I can no longer call him a gentleman), pulled a yard sale sign out of his yard, […]

Kids’ Deep Cleaning Bedroom Checklist

Checklist for Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

Even though this  post was supposed to go live before I began my 31 Days with a Mentor Mom series, it definitely ties in with building character in our children. I’ve learned that it takes a team to keep a […]

We Interrupt this Programming

Our sweet yellow lab

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food. All opinions are 100% mine. I interrupt my regularly scheduled 31 Days with a Mentor Mom to bring you a little piece of what qualifies as bedlam on our homestead. […]

Family Tips for Staying Healthy This Fall

Tips for staying healthy this fall

As I look out my front window and watch the fog roll in, I see one tiny brown leaf. That leaf symbolizes change and reminds me that fall is just around the corner. For our family, the next three months […]

Car-Posting: Simple Tips to a Clean Car

Simple tips to cleaning out the car

In my Clean out your Fridge post, I shared our secret family struggle. Yes, I came clean, literally about my fridge issues and offered some solutions, but I think many of us have deeper secrets that lurk in the back […]

My Steps Towards Cutting the Fridge Mess Clutter

Cleaning out the Fridge

Our family has fridge issues. On any given day, this is what our refrigerator looks like. I know, I know. It’s embarrassing, and all you organizational gurus are running for cover, but I am showing that my life and fridge […]

50 Fabulous Uses for Baking Soda

Baking Soda Uses

A few weeks ago I shared my post, “For the love of Baking Soda.” It was my salute to this all natural, penny pinching, miracle product that is one of the staples I use most often in my home, and […]

Printable Kids’ Bathroom Checklist – Hygiene Checklist for the Kids

Kids hygiene checklist

With our children ranging in age from 8 – 18, one would assume that the inquisitions such as, “Are you ready? Did you brush your teeth? Do you have clean socks on today?” would never pass the lips of my […]

Understanding our Laundry Personalities

laundry routines

A few weeks back, I shared my cold, harsh reality of laundry Your responses ranged from compassion, understanding, and acceptance, to down right depression for my dismal state of laundry despair. It was fun to read through the comments as […]

Great Uses for Dryer Sheets: Why Didn’t I Think of That?


Part of our frugal living journey is not just about making wise decision with our finances, but it’s also taking a fresh look at how we do things. Part of that process is slowly shifting our mind set to one […]

Dream Laundry Rooms vs. Cold, Harsh Reality

green laundry room

via Apartment Therapy There’s nothing better than freshly washed laundry. I reach my arms into the dryer and snuggle it to my chest. It’s warm and cozy to the touch, and instinctively, I bring it to my nose and breathe […]

Ideas for Mason Jars: Creative Uses for Jars

Mason Jar collage

Any one who walks in our home will slowly learn my love of mason jars. They are so versatile, and my uses for Mason Jars range with everything from food, to decorating, to organizing and more.  I am sure that […]

Tacke It Challenge: We Conquered this Chore. How Did You Do?


Last month I shared my “Tackle It Challenge” with you all. Yes, attacking my outdoor plastic furniture and siding had to be done. Big chores like this are my downfall. Seriously. (Well, if you want the absolute truth, even many […]