November 17, 2017

Easily Divide Hosta and Daylilies (and have free plants for life)


Can you believe it’s that time of year again? We’ve been having unseasonably high temps in the south, so our daffodils, hostas and buds are coming early. I always revisit this post because I continue to divide my free plants.  For […]

Succulent Love: Brown Thumbs Unite!


It was my first apartment and someone gifted me a lovely potted plant. There were a few varieties planted in the base and soon, they all died, except for one. I couldn’t identify it, but I knew it was not […]

Our Son’s Surprise Landscaping Present to Me


A few weeks ago, I shared about some of our landscaping challenges and asked for your input on favorite flowers etc. Thank you so much. I have taken note and continue my list because there’s just nothing that brings such […]

Landscape Challenges, Request for Advice and a Coupon


While completely uprooting this city-suburban girl and moving her to the country some seventeen years ago created a fair share of bedlam moment stories, it also created beautiful more ones than I ever deserved. Yes, I’ve “almost” acclimated to country […]

Beautiful Creativity: Fall Flowers Planted in a Pumpkin


Last Saturday, some brand new friends joined our family for dinner. As they walked through the door, arms extended, they offered us a precious momento of true Southern Hospitality – this beautiful fall mum. It was such a gracious sentiment. […]

My Garden is Finally Planted: Organic or Not?


I finally have my garden planted and with over 100 plants, I am beginning to think I may be too lazy for this huge endeavor.

Are you Ready for Planting Season? (plus sample giveaway)


Are you ready for planting season? It’s unbelievable to think I am already planning my garden. My desire is to be more self sustaining on our homestead.

How is Your Garden Growing? Tasty Tuesday


Typically, it’s about this time of year when I lose all desire to care for my garden. I mentioned before that I tripled my garden size, which felt so productive in the spring, but now is when reality sets in […]

It’s Gardening Time: Starting Seeds Indoors


It’s hard for me to think about gardening when it snowed in NC today, and yet it was 80 degrees just last week. But even with crazy weather, every one can get a jump start on gardening season by starting […]

How is Your Garden Growing?


One of my goals this year is to be a bit more self sustaining. I love the concept of it, but somehow the reality of it isn’t syncing up with my dream of “Little House on the Prairie” living. For […]

Spring Blooms…


Finally, the sun’s rays peaked through the clouds with the last hint of frost’s chill callously clinging to the branches. Our homestead’s first day of spring blooms greeted the morning – just a few sprinkled haphazardly throughout our lot line. […]

Growing Asparagus Plants in My Garden


It’s this time of year when the first fruits of my garden (or literally vegetables) are coming to fruition. When I go to water my precious plants, I still have a spring in my step and I haven’t been burned […]