March 27, 2014

When Our Days are Seemingly Insignificant

When we feel seemingly insignificant

I did it to myself, and I knew better. That last cup of late night coffee created my self induced insomnia and now I was dealing with its effects. Isn’t it something, the vast scope of topics our mind travels […]

Sometimes I Miss it…

Spring Tulips

Sometimes I am in such a rush, that I miss out on those simple moments. The moments of beauty. The moments of silence. The moments of grace. My first Spring flowers just bloomed: two beautiful tulips. The problem? They were […]

Sometimes, I’m an Island


I wandered through my church lobby on a quest for another cup of morning coffee. It always helps when I have a mission, so I walk with purpose. It doesn’t allow me to feel so alone in the crowd. It’s […]

Wise in My Own Eyes


With my cozy blanket pulled all around me, I snuggle down into my thrifted sofa and spend time soaking in my surroundings. Reminders of real-life living touch every corner of our home. Mismatched socks in a pile, leftover cold coffee […]

I Just Want to Come Home, Mom!

From that Eldest Son of Mine

Barely keeping my eyes open, I’m juggling between the sofa and my laptop right now. I’m trying to stay awake long enough to be fully present when our eldest son bounds through the door. It’s 2:00 am and he’s road […]

One Little Perspective Change Altered How I Mother

This Perspective Change Altered How I Mother

With a song in her heart, my mom’s sweet little voice sang out.  Relishing in the joy that music brings to the soul of a young child, her heart filled and was satisfied. Then the words came. Words that changed […]

It Starts Today: Chapter One


I am an open book. A book filled with laughter, colorful stories, family bonding and beautiful memories. A book filled with bedlam moments, loneliness, heartbreak and continual processing. Our family story stretches through chapters of both celebrations and difficult life […]

She Says I’m Honest

honesty graphic

 image High school girls just seem to know. I think that special “sense” intuitively arrives when they hit their first teen year, and it’s honed to perfection as they get older. They sniff out a fake, even if they might […]

In Moments of Crisis


His mercies are new every morning. (Lam. 3:-22-23)  Three months have passed, yet the call still haunts me.  “Jen, it’s a brain tumor. It’s Johnny… They think it’s malignant. They are doing surgery tonight.”   As I perched at the […]

A Sunday Moment: Sing


There is such joy beginning my week declaring God’s goodness. Join me in worship this morning. If you are short on time, fast forward to the second song and declare it with me. It sets the tone for our new […]

It’s the Little Dreams


After spending a few days at Disney, I can’t help but sing “Dreams really do come true.” With princesses twirling and characters dancing, evil is destroyed at every turn. Little boys and girls can’t help but be mesmerized by Mickey’s […]

My Imaginary Conversation: a Sunday Moment


Last week, I shared some pictures and a video about the “new to me” spring outfits I purchased at a yard sale and thrift stores. I sat outside on my porch, nervously hit the “record” button and welcomed my readers […]

Come Join Me (in)RL 2013: April 27


In just one week, women from all over the world will be gathering in churches, homes, coffee shops, etc, for a time of encouragement and refreshment. We’ll be talking about Community and the importance of staying in it, even when […]

A Sunday Moment of Music


Join me in celebration: last Sunday’s time of worship music at Westover Church.

Make Room For One More


There she was, sitting in a corner by herself. As she aimlessly ruffled the pages of her science folder, her sweet face turned downward showing no expression. My heart tightened as I glanced around the room. Everywhere I looked girls […]