November 17, 2017

Life Changing Legacy Happening in Frozen Foods


In the middle of Aldi’s frozen food aisle, I “did” church. Right in between the tater tots and frozen peas, I almost missed it. I’m so grateful I didn’t. Since I’ve been studying Scripture on imperfect hospitality, I’ve begged the […]

Praying Through the News Headlines


I wrote this post over at (in)courage before the most devastating week we’ve had in Orlando, yet what I share rings even more true now. With the online parental shaming I see in regards to both the gorilla and alligator tragedies, along […]

Unveiling the Masks


When you look in the mirror, do you don a mask of perfection and performance? Or maybe you hide behind a mask for fear of reaction? Lies whisper shame and accusation, “You’ll never measure up – if only they knew!”

And then we listen…we listen and embrace lies!

Do you need someone to tell you how special you are, to affirm the role you are doing in your family, marriage, workforce, or ministry?

Hallmark Card Rewards, Free Gifts & $500 Giveaway


Opening up the mail box and seeing a hand written envelope gets my heart beating just a bit faster. Honestly, a hand written note just speaks volumes of love to me. In this quick pace society, when we rarely slow […]

Friendship Through Words With Friends? Have you Played?


For two solid months, a phenomena stirred among our children. I’d see their heads pushed together and they’d be looking at each other’s ipods/iphones. They’d be in serious discussion and then they’d go back to their task. Every once in […]

Come Join Me (in)RL 2013: April 27


In just one week, women from all over the world will be gathering in churches, homes, coffee shops, etc, for a time of encouragement and refreshment. We’ll be talking about Community and the importance of staying in it, even when […]

Where Norman Rockwell Leaves Off


Thanksgiving on the homestead The candles flicker on the table, while the fire crackles from the side room. The aroma of our feast awaiting permeates the kitchen, while kids storm in from all areas of our family homestead. We gravitate […]

The Party that Almost Wasn’t


The phone rang, and I just knew it was someone calling about the party. My stomach sank, and I got that nervous tummy feeling. You know that one that happens when you just aren’t sure what you are going to […]

Doing Life Together


A God sized dream became realized over the weekend. 1700 women from all over the world gathered in small groups to share life together. Introverts, extroverts, single, married, leaders, followers, a magnificent paradox of people created real life community that […]

The Importance of Real Life


(Some of my real life friends, sampling spinach smoothies, on our quest to decide between a Vitamix or Blendtech.) This photo was snapped on Tuesday. Yes, I deemed Valentine’s Day the official Pajama Day for our home school group because […]

My Favorite Mindless Fun: Chick Flicks


This post brought to you by Monte Carlo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Last week, our three boys and my husband were out of town. I had such high hopes of accomplishing so many projects every night after […]

Help Me, Help You…


As I stare at my computer screen for hours, every picture, font, and design are looking the same. I’m in the midst of redesigning this little old blog space of mine, and I have a hard time making decisions. Don’t […]

Have I Told You I am a Cheesehead?


Have you heard there’s a football game that starts in one hour? Did you know that one of the teams is owned by the shareholders and we (well, my dad to be exact) own stock in that certain team (yes, […]

Progressive Dinner & Round Two of Our Holiday Giveaway Bash


Partnering with other bloggers and the friendships that arise from these collaborations has been a huge blessing of blogging. During this week, I’ve partnered with two groups of friends about two of my favorite topics: free things and food, with […]

The Real Beach House of (in)courage – Hilton Head


“Imagine you walk through the door, look around, take it all in, and feel the tensions of the day start to roll off your shoulders in little waves. You ask, “How did you find this place?” We look at each […]