October 20, 2017

Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


One of the best desserts to serve a crowd. Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake

The last few weeks have been one of those non stop, go-go-go, invite a ton of people to your home kind of times. Last week alone we hosted two large parties totaling over 125 people.

There’s nothing more that I love than welcoming others to experience a bit of both our beauty and bedlam; they fill me to the brim, but they are also exhausting. A wonderful kind of exhausting, but still tiring.

I’ve come to the point where I can host large groups of guests like that because I will not let the stress of what our home looks like dictate how I approach the event. I guarantee the laundry will be cleared off the sofa, but please don’t open any of the closets.

I also know that it’s in the community of gathering that determines a wonderful evening. Well, that plus a great dessert, of course.

This Mocha Brownie, Oreo Ice Cream Cake is over the top amazing.

This Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Cake goes above and beyond in the summer dessert department. It combines all my favorite prerequisite – delicious, incredibly easy, fairly frugal and it can feed a HUGE group without stress setting in. 

Create your own ice cream parlor cake at home without the huge price tag. Mocha Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Cake

If you want your family to rise up and call you blessed, make this for them. Trust me, it’s a winner. I made a huge 9×13 and it fed a LOT of hungry friends. It’s very rich, so it stretches. Most of you will not need this large of a cake, so just cut the amounts in half to fit your pan.

This Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake does not disappoint!

Since my recipes are always made for real life living, rarely do I get that perfect picture. This piece is a “day after” one that I snatched out of the hands of babes during the party and put back in my freezer before it all melted.

I had to have at least one picture where you can see the delicious layers of goodness. Feel free to mix and match flavors based on your preference. You will never have to pay $40 for a gourmet ice cream cake again because it’s so easy to replicate it for $5-8.

Steps in layering the Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Can you get a peek of the secret weapon? Yes, store bought ice cream sandwiches. They are the wonderful reason we can whip this up in minutes, yet everyone thinks you slaved in the kitchen. (Budgeting tip: Ice Cream Sandwiches go on sale BOGO, so watch for the sale and then stock up.)

Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake is over the top amazing!

Everyone in our home wanted to dive in. I didn’t even know cats liked ice cream. 🙂

Everyone wants a piece of the Ice Cream Cake

Please know that this is a very general, throw together your favorites, kind of recipe. You can NOT mess this up, so don’t stress out at all. It’s a wonderful recipe to make ahead of time. It can stay fresh for days if you seal it well and place in your freezer.

It came together based on my “mistake”. I didn’t have enough ice cream sandwiches to layer it twice like I normally do so I brainstormed other ingredients I had on hand. Mocha brownies had just come out of the oven, plus we had Oreos, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I decided that a mocha brownie crust seemed a to-die for solution and I was right. You will want the brownie layer thinner than your typical brownie, so I literally separated them in half and then smooshed them down while they were still warm.

If you’ve ever made Brownie Pops, it’s the same philosophy. Literally mold the already baked brownies and push/pat them down into crust form covering your entire pan.

Have fun creating with this. As you can see, my recipe isn’t precise. That might make some of you nervous, but trust me on this, just layer and all will be well. Remember, I made this for a large group, so for your family just cut your amounts in half for an 8×8, then step back and wait for your guests to be amazed.

*repost from 2014 and it’s a blast to hear all the reviews of people who have made this and it’s now their favorite as well.


  1. Yummers! That looks amazing, Jen!


    Jen Reply:

    Ah yes and not the best thing to be posting when I am trying to talk myself into dropping the carbs for a bit again. 🙂


  2. Sherri Y. says:

    Two questions…Did you take the bottom chocolate layer off of the sandwiches? And, why cut the sandwiches in half; does it help in them laying nicely?

    This cake looks amazing! I can only imagine how good it tastes! I will definitely be trying this, maybe with espresso or mint chocolate chip ice cream 🙂


    Jen Reply:

    No, I didn’t take the bottom layer off. I actually used the vanilla chocolate combo so one side of the sandwich was the chocolate cookie and the other side is a vanilla cookie. It makes them look extra layered when they aren’t. :). If you see the picture before I frosted the ice cream sandwiches, you can see why I cut them and you’re right, just so they would fit better and also because I thought it might be easier to cut later on. If they fit fine in your pan, you don’t have to cut them at all.


  3. This is such a timely post for me: my daughter requested an ice-cream cake for her birthday and I have never made one from scratch, thinking it would be days of trouble. This seems so easy, so I bought the ingredients today. Step one is done. Brownies made, and tomorrow I will do the rest. Thanks for the great pictures too, as it convinced her it would be awesome.


    Jen Reply:

    YAY!! So glad to hear that!! Really, you can’t mess anything up. Just make sure it gets in the freezer early enough in the day so that it hardens back up.


    Barrie Reply:

    @Jen, It WAS awesome! Everyone at her birthday loved it and were amazed that she made it herself! It really was easy and pretty too- we did half with regular ice cream sandwiches and half with mint chocolate chip ones. Thanks for a keeper!


    Jen Reply:

    That does my heart good to hear!! So thrilled! 🙂

  4. Are you kidding me right now? YUM! I have learned to not stress about having the perfect house for guests, too. It takes all the fun out of having people over. My cats like ice cream as well. Who knew, right? Thanks so much for this recipe. Pinning it now!


  5. Made this tonight for extended family! It was a huge hit!!! Thx 4 posting! 🙂


    Jen Reply:

    YAY!! So glad to hear that. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is, yet how fancy it appears? 🙂


  6. Yum! Looks great, Jen.

    PS — An absolute JOY to meet you last weekend.


  7. I made this cake last year from your website and it got so many raves- I am commenting again now, because a year later, it is the #1 requested birthday cake for my daughter!! Love this, and it is truly so easy to make!


    Jen Reply:

    SERIOUSLY??? Oh, Barrie – that is SO fun to hear. Thank you so much for letting me know. Made my day and all to think that recipe came from not having quite all the ingredients I wanted on hand to begin with. Improvising for the win. 🙂



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  2. […] better is that it can feed up to 24 people!!  I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Balancing Beauty & Bedlam, to make this the first time, and when I made this again this year, I was once again, […]

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