November 18, 2017

To Mothers, Women, Mentors: My Important Reminder


blooming flowers

It all matters!!

I’m finishing up a 60K word book manuscript this weekend.  I’m exhausted. I’ve written about our home and hospitality and mothering with more words than I ever thought in me. I’ll share more soon because I have a lot of them (thoughts and words).

I’ve been quiet here, but I’ve also had a mini revival in my own heart about its importance. It matters. All of this matters so much.

Years ago, I wrote those few sentences that I bolded below and I needed this reminder – again.

In these moments, when the days are long, and I’m exhausted on all levels, I remind myself that I am more than a meal maker, more than a nose blower (I wrote that when I still had to blow noses. It does pass ;)), more than a taxi driver.

I am a Dream Maker….
I am a Life Changer…
I am a Legacy Leaver

Reflect and ponder on that moms (or all of you women making an influence in another child’s life).


You have been uniquely chosen by God to mother your children through every season of their lives – the good and bad. You may not always feel like the best mother, but you are the best mother for your child!!

Behind closed door, what we do with these precious child blessings makes an impact. Deep inside, when no one is looking or scrolling or expecting something, that is where life change awaits. To choose small moment living, it defines us, it refines us. It twists and turns our character, chiseling down the sharp edges so that we are made more like Him. Day in and day out. Little by little, we trudge forward, offering our children, our choices, our seemingly small and insignificant moments to him and then we wait and wait.

During those unseen, window washing moments, He multiples our ministry when no one notices. It’s in the workplace, or with our kids, in the grocery line with a frazzled momma at your child’s school and in the midst of the laundry loads, that the transformation process takes place in us.

Your value is not determined by what others think of you or even what you think of yourself (read that again, and commit that to memory).

Your worth, your value is determined by how God views you…and HE loves you more than His own life. You are His precious child, His daughter.

Right now tell yourself this!! He makes no mistakes!! So even in the middle of horrible mess up moments, we have been uniquely chosen by God to mother and mentor our children.

What an honor!
The days are long, but the years are short.

So I close with the same words penned years ago, “How do you view this calling of mothering? Is it a blessing or a burden?” We have a choice. It’s one of the hardest things to do, to shift our hearts.
Let’s encourage each other on this challenging journey, wherever we are in the process.
We only have one chance to do it right, and I want to live with no regrets.
How about you?
Happy Mother’s Day from my crew to you,


  1. Karen Z. says:

    Great encouragement!!


  2. So true, “The days are long, but the years are short.”


  3. Happy Mothers Day Jen!!

    At church the speaker shared thoughts very similar to yours. “Your value is not tied to your usefulness or the usefulness of your children.”

    Have a blessed day with your family.


  4. Back again… just wondering if you were going to be at the Women of Joy conference in Charleston this weekend?


  5. Thank you, Jen. My husband had to work today and my little ones haven’t exactly been angels. Not the Mother’s Day I would have liked. I appreciated this.


  6. Dawnette says:

    Thank you for the spark to light the fire of enjoyment, blessing and motivation. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


  7. Jen,
    Thank you for your post. What wonderful encouragement for all of us mothers. The stress is great but the rewards are so much more vast. Thanks for helping us remember what an INCREDIBLE task we have been blessed with. A little encouragement is always welcome along this challenging journey!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!


  8. My girls gave me an Awesome Mothers Day from A to Z card. I posted the A to Z on my blog yesterday. It was so fitting and so true!

    Love your post


  9. I simply love your encouragement! I’ve bestowed upon you the Happy 101 Award!


  10. Happy Mother’s Day, Jen. Even though we live states away, I feel like you are a-
    J- joyful
    E- encouraging
    N- neighbor
    Enjoy your kidos and your special day-Blessings to you, as you bless so many!


    Jen Reply:

    You are a continual encourager! thank you, Ann. xoxo


  11. Knowing you for years, I can honestly say you have lived up to all of those words. You have always been my Real, and down to earth friend that makes me look deeper into what I can do to be more intentional and fun in my home and to make everyday in some way a teaching moment with my children. I haven’t always lived up to to the task but I continue trying!
    Absolutely love this family picture!


  12. Thanks, Jen, for reaffirming our God-given gifts as moms. Truly a person can His work and grace even in the little everyday tasks which are nothing short of miraculous when you factor in sleep deprivation, lack of time, etc. Often we forget how much the “little things” matter. Thanks for the reminder of the positive impact we have.


    Jen Reply:

    You are so welcome! It’s a reminder I still need to speak to myself even after 23 years of mothering. 🙂


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