November 17, 2017

50% off on Whole Foods (Tasty Tuesday)


One of the things I love about Tasty Tuesday is the wide range of recipes that are shared weekly. There is something for everyone, no matter what approach you take to cooking. For me, I lean towards homemade, whole foods as much as possible, but at any given time I have processed foods sharing those same shelves. Earlier, I’ve shared my evolution to real food, organic, junk food and in between, looked at examining the Dirty Dozen Organic Food chart when purchasing produce, and then pondered what steps to take about the Food Rainbow/food dye issue and the rising statistics that alarm us all.

Many who lean towards organic and whole foods share with me that they don’t coupon because all the coupons are for processes foods. Even though there is a tiny element of truth to that, I really do disagree and find that more and more manufacturers and brands are getting behind the organic coupon movement. Today I am sharing a prime example of that, and was SO excited when this popped up on my screen. 50% off your order at Whole Foods is being offered through Living Social, a daily deal site, similar to Groupon, both which I love and use frequently.

You will get $20 worth of groceries at any Whole Foods when you just pay $10, BUT you must purchase it today. It’s awesome! It doesn’t expire until the end of the year, so you have lots of time to use it, but it will only be available Tuesday.

If you are new to Living Social, sign up here (pick the city closest to you, even if it’s not your home town, They are good at any Whole Foods in the US). Once you sign up, the deal may be located at the bottom of your screen as a “nearby deal.”

If you have signed up for Living Social before, go right to your great deal.

I love easy and odd ways to save on food and this is just one of the best ways to do it – saving cold, hard cash immediately.

How you saving money on food lately? Can you share any new ideas that you haven’t tried before with the Tasty Tuesday readers?

TastyTuesday200pix The Beginning of Ten Minute Dinners (Tasty Tuesday)

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  1. It saddens me that I can get processed, boxed foods, for A LOT less than a bag of apples or a head of lettuce. However, I have been making a lot of my own “boxed” foods more often, thus in the long run saving me money. I have seen some frugal bloggers who share organic deals on their sites, such as Deal Seeking Mom and Money Saving Mom. Those are somewhat helpful, and I”m seeing more and more coupons slowly coming out for organic, etc. products. I love this link up. I click through every link every week to find inspiration and new recipes. Thank you so much for hosting!


  2. There are some great link-ups today that I can’t wait to peruse. I bought my Whole Foods deal earlier this morning and am sooo excited about it. I don’t intentionally buy organic foods, but my family has a lot of food allergies forcing us to buy more organic, whole foods. I’m not complaining though about the better eating, just don’t like the prices. There are many ways to save though. Carrie: I also follow for organic deals. I went through a series recently on my blog called “Frugal Food Allergy Living” and discussed how you can have food allergies and still have a tight budget. I think it was very helpful. Here is the link if you’re interested.

    Thanks for hosting today!


    Carrie @ My Favorite Finds Reply:

    @Michelle @,

    Thank, you Michelle. I appreciate more information!


  3. Jen, I didn’t put the title of my food on my “link” . Can I change it to “Cinnamon Roll Cookies?” Do I need to relink?


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this deal! I bought mine as soon as I saw it on your site. The closest Wholes Foods is 30 minutes from us, however, I try to stop by when I visit my mil who lives near the Whole Foods.

    I’ll have to go back and read your posts on eating more real food. I was doing pretty well, and then life happened. I’d say overall we do well because of our garden. The hardest part is the meat. I just haven’t found a way to make it happen on a regular basis as a busy mom of 5. I’ll just keep working at it!


  5. Thank you for hosting! This week I have shared the following three seasonal farm-to-table recipes that I made last week and one posting about raw cooking:

    living the raw life
    drunken plum salsa
    sultry & spicy corn salad
    fall kale salad

    Happy cooking!
    The Intentional Minimalist


  6. Thanks for hosting. I’m off to visit the other entrants too.


  7. I linked up for the first time and messed it up! I put my name instead of the recipe name. Oops! :-0

    The coffee cup titled ‘Kelly’ is a Vegan Pumpkin Spice Creamer.


  8. Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing our recipe for whole wheat zucchini spice muffins which are low sugar but super yummy. 🙂 Appreciate the link for the whole foods discount! Very nice! Blessings, ~Lisa


  9. Hey, Thanks for these amazing and wonderful recipes. I love eating and fond of cooking. I really appreciate your blog and very thankful to u all above for these efforts.



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