We decided to be spontaneous and go blueberry picking.

Well, not quite so spontaneous…I had gone before with the little ones, but decided one of the beauties of multiple kids is the cheap labor.

So train them well when they’re young…it’s so worth the hard work!

My sil happened upon the most amazing find. Are you ready – a gentleman’s front yard covered with organic blueberry bushes, with a note scribbled on the picnic table that says to pick all you want, and leave the money in the jar. You GOTTA love the country.

Now for the BEAUTY – $5 a GALLON!!!
Do you know how many blueberries fit in a gallon….
Do you know how much time it takes to pick a gallon…MORE!

Well, 5 minutes into our picking, the skies grew VERY dark.
No, that’s not a bad picture…it grew very scary.
Sheer bedlam, I tell you.
“Pick, Pick, Pick, as fast as you can,” I urged frantically.
It is NOT going to rain on my spontaneous parade.
Remember, it’s the simple things that are the big things…
A little thunder never hurt anyone.
Well, the Lord had other plans, and since I had a choice to let the ‘AH HA’ moment slip away, and have my beautifully spontaneous moment ruined, or find joy in the little things….

I CHOSE JOY!When is the last time you sang in the rain?
Forget singing in the rain…when is the last time that you danced in the rain?

We were already drenched, and so when we pulled in the driveway, I decided to have a blast in the downpour. It didn’t take much to convince 4/5 of my kids.
We twirled, and giggled and hugged!
OH MY…I can’t urge you enough to let loose.
Freedom at its finest.
I didn’t care about my hair, my clothes, my make-up, my weight…
just living LIFE to its fullest, and sharing it with my family.

I let my eldest off the hook .
My power of persuasion waned with him. I needed a camera man so he came through…in the rain…getting wet. I must point out that I am completely being “real” to post this amazing outfit. I know you are all jealous, wanting to run out and copy my unbelievable fashion. When you have the “it” factor – what else can be said?

I put the tank shirt on to paint, and threw on my PJ shorts since they are SO comfy.
I “knew” no one was going to see me blueberry picking, so what did I care?

Remember…it’s the little things that are the big things.

When my 13 year old ds glowed, “Mom, I am never going to forget this day,”
my momma heart melted.
Lord, you are so good to bring me beauty from bedlam.
I am passionately pursuing that balance,
and this was one of the best balancing acts ever!