destress during the holidaysThe holidays are the least stressful time of the year for me. Can you believe it? When everyone else is running ragged, I thoroughly enjoy my month of December. I partially plan ahead, clear my plate of many outside responsibilities, and purpose in my heart to embrace the season by cutting back, and I do.

But then the new year hits,  and I am back in the rat race by attempting to balance both beauty and bedlam.

The problem these last few weeks? The bedlam is winning out, and I realize it. Stress is building, and no one wins when that is the case. If I am going to balance it all – the good, bad, and ugly, what steps should I take?

What do I need to do to achieve Wonder Woman Status?No, that causes the stress. What do I need to do to manage that stress?

Re-prioritize, simplify, organize, exercise, stop comparing, stop procrastinating, spend more time snuggling on the coach with my children, take a media fast, invite cooperation in the family, pass the crown or cape to someone else, pray and….

Wait! I better stop because reading this long “to do” list is stressful. 😉 So, how about I just manage one thing right now and go from there. Based on the fact that stressed is desserts spelled backwards, maybe a chocolate cake will do the trick.

Since we all have a bit of the Wonder Woman syndrome in us somewhere, let’s encourage one another on this all too familiar journey.

What ways do you manage your stress?

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